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  1. rmzsuzuki89

    Funnies for Friday

    My shoulder is hurting fro some reason from laughing at some of these haha.
  2. rmzsuzuki89

    Keeping a sub healthy

    As long as the signal isnt clipped and you aren't trying to play way way below box tuning you should be fine. What amp is it...As long as all of the settings are right, you have nothing to worry about.
  3. that is nothing the AQ20.1 was going for 1600 back in the day.. i think they discontinued them though lol! 20krms at 1ohm ... o my! I thought that particular AQ amp was rated at 20k peak, and a lil under 10kwrms.
  4. rmzsuzuki89

    Bracket Requests

    2003 Ford Expedition XLT 5.4L I sent an email to the email in your sig with more details in it. Forgot to add a couple questions too, but I'll get those in when you get back to me so I'm not sending 2 emails back to back lol.
  5. Gonna start looking up front tomorrow. I still gotta do the engine/chassis ground in 1/0. I ran out and forgot about it until now when you said something lol. I know it has to be a grounding somewhere, just gotta find it.
  6. I'll try some of those that I haven't tried already tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe the sub outs on the hu are going. I don't think the amp could be at fault since A: it's brand new, and B: it did it before with another brand new amp, and C: it did it with my four SAZ-3Kd's. Only time it didn't do it is when I had two JL 1000/1v2's, four JL 1000/1v2's, two Saz-3Kd's, and one SAZ-3Kd. Alpine iDA-X100 thats a couple years old.
  7. I've been trying to trouble shoot my hissing noise for a while now and don't know where else to look. When the sub amp is hooked up, the subs have a slight crackle, and the tweeters hiss. But when I unhook the remote to the sub amp the highs are fine. I've moved all of the grounds in the back around to a few different places. I've also tried grounding the head unit, and checked the rcas and tried a different set of rcas.Also added a relay. Grounding the hu kinda lessened the hissing in the highs, but not too much. I don't really know where else to check. I was thinking about just getting a new hu to see if mine is taking a shit...Any advice?
  8. rmzsuzuki89

    4 DP21 Wall Build

    Haha ya. Thanks...Vids will come soon.
  9. rmzsuzuki89

    4 DP21 Wall Build

    Ya, I'm gonna pull the hu out tomorrow and have a look around...And thanks.
  10. rmzsuzuki89

    4 DP21 Wall Build

    Here are a couple of pics of today's wiring. It's playing, but I have a faint ground noise in the subs, and the tweets are hissing at me too. It's kinda weird because I've messed with all of the grounds, and the highs are fine when I take the remote out of the sub amp. Had to tilt it out to get to the settings and to get the wires and everything in. Gonna play with the grounds and rca's a lil more tomorrow.
  11. rmzsuzuki89

    4 DP21 Wall Build

    That's what I said after I mounted it and stepped back and looked lol.
  12. rmzsuzuki89

    4 DP21 Wall Build

    Vids will come.
  13. rmzsuzuki89

    W7 vs XCON

    2nd, 3rd, and 4th Like what has been said, both are great drivers and you will be happy either way.
  14. rmzsuzuki89

    4 DP21 Wall Build

    Tis Ya you do, looks like a flat screen back there lol.
  15. rmzsuzuki89

    4 DP21 Wall Build

    Amps in, gotta rewire the subs and hook them up tomorrow. Also have some wiring to clean up, and gotta make a new battery hatch.