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  1. working on a beer buzz trying to fall asleep. My boy crashed out sitting at the kitchen table. The leftover spaghetti in the fridge is really drawing my attention.

  2. Post back up here with a score if you devidenceed to compete
  3. adamt


    For what it's worth- a zip file isn't any particular size. It's more of a container for individual files. They work well in emails. Instead of attaching ten pics as seperate attachments you can drag and drop all ten pics in a zipped folder in windows and add it as an individual attachment. If you find a zip folder for download- Save the zipped folder to your hard drive- when it's downloaded right click on the folder and unzip or extract the files. After the songs are extracted to your hard drive you can drag and drop them to your thumb drive or transfer to iPod through iTunes.
  4. I think it's cool you post these events up here. Probably not a lot of turnout from this forum page but I think Mwspl is becoming quite the organization. Probably won't be at this show. If you run basic 1 you can probably get most of the points you need to qualify for nationals since it's a 3x
  5. I'm kinda baffled by my numbers. At the last comp I hit a 143 on 768w. That was volume 20. Today I had it turned up to 27 and hit 142.6 in qualifying round. Clamping is not required in local class but I did it last time to get an idea. Hopefully I can get some tuning done this week and get my shit figured out. 145 might be out of reach but I'd like to at least hit 44.
  6. Did not hit as high as I wanted but 142 was enough for first place in local 1
  7. We would be in the same class if you did compete. I'm running so late I hope I make it in time to qualify
  8. adamt


    That sucks about the cd thing.I've read the rules so I saw it before hand. I've seen a lot of guys in my org have head units that were ran from outside their vehicles. As a computer guy I've seen USB as the replacement for optical drives for some time. You would think an organization like dbdrag would recognize the trend and at least offer a decent option like a file set that contains their tones for transfer for say 5 bucks to USB drive. With all the head units on the market these days with USB option you would think they would consider that
  9. adamt


    Post back what you find out. Even though I won't be attending I'm curious what the ruling will be. The rule book says official cd must be used for multi point events and this is a 3x. I know there are a lot of rules in my organization that aren't enforced but dbdrag is a lot more organized.
  10. adamt


    Drive your butt up here for the show man!!! Last year I saw them handing people a disc to play but I'm not sure... I wish man- that's damn near 10 hour drive and I ain't got the scratch for it right now. I'm hopin to see the number 5 in your score somewhere. I'm guessing 120.5. Haha!! Jk- best of luck to all you guys!!
  11. adamt


    Dont you have to use the dbdrag disc for multipoint events?
  12. Oh yeah I know where Osage is at. I use to live in Emporia before moving to Topeka. My folks still live down there and I cruise through Osage sometimes when I take the back roads. I tell you what- my very first comp my girlfriend and I drove clear out to Union Mo and I was freaking out but once you get in there and do it it's not so bad. I know Steve pretty good and the guys at the comps are usually more helpful then not. If you are gonna be there we can get together before you run and I can help you out when you get in the lane. I've got a Midwest cd somewhere but ripped it to my USB drive so I'm not sure where it's at. They will let you borrow a cd for your runs. They will give you a couple 3 maybe 4 shots in qualifying. So you can run a sweep and check your peak freq and then burp around that area for he highest score. What equipment are you running?
  13. adamt

    Signing in from Kansas

    What part of Kansas are you from?
  14. I've got a friend here in town that has tl but I just found out his laptop is not running so no testing before the show. He's way cool about getting together for meter time though. If you are gonna be there why not enter and get metered? It is 25 bucks so that is a downside. Are you around the Ottawa area?
  15. I just checked all the results for the season and I have the 5th highest score in local 1. It was a nice cool day when I hit that 143 and I bet it's gonna be hot as hell Saturday. I really hope I get my testing done tomorrow, was suppose to be on the meter today but pissed it off. I'm gonna really push my sub this weekend and see if I can't top the charts in the local 1 class. I'm stoked