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  1. i love memphismzd

  2. i love memphismzd

  3. i love memphismzd

  4. thespoon25

    ohm load question?

    If they are single voice coils you'll need 2ohm subs. If they are dual voice coils you'll need dual 1ohm or dual 4ohm coils.
  5. thespoon25

    2004 IS300 Lexus Setup

    im really sorry, i have just been so busy and hvent even been on the forums in forever......i dont have photos of the new setup...i had a memphis in it but switched to an FI with a sundown amp and extra battery. i PROMISE i will get some pics of it before christmas. im not sure how to upload em on here so alans gonna have to help me
  6. thespoon25

    AS1 system design tips n suggestions

    bl's and a good box will net a good improvement. buddy i know was doing a 140.2 with 2 DD 8s and a pr1000 so i believe you can beat the with ease with bl's. this is mephismzd btw on my girls computer.
  7. thespoon25

    Second Skin Promotion - 10 free Door Packs

    1. Post your SSA user name 2. State that you qualify to the terms and agree to follow through with them as they are written above. 3. Post a description of your car and system 4. Post how you plan on helping promote Second Skin including the other web site you will post your build log in. (Rembmer build logs and videos are always better for us) 5. You must tell us something about yourself that nobody on this forum knows about you 1. LexusLover 2. I qualifty to all terms and conditions and are willing to follow them as written 3. I have a 2004 Lexus IS300. I have a 15' Fibl loaded with a 1500 watt Sundown Amp, with 1 lifeline agm battery (extra). all 0 gauge wire. 4. I am a part of a lexus is forum and will pots pics/vids there as well as on SSA. 5. I'm a die hard duke fan, and before i was introduced to SSA i thought Memphis was the best car audio brand !
  8. thespoon25


    Memphis Mzd...ive seen you do it in our apartment complx many of times........and in neighborhoods...................dork. parking lots.........
  9. thespoon25

    SSA Member Survey

    1. How old are you? 18 woo hooo 2. When did you get into car audio? when i was 16 3. How did you first get into car audio? my boyfriend came with it attached! 4. Whats your favorite color? DUKE blue 5. Male or female? female 6. Your first Car? 1997 honda accord 7. When did you first find out about this site? once again, came attached with my boyfriend 8. How did you find out about this site? MemphisMzd 9. What was your first system? 2 mtx road thunders! hahah. 10. Do you have any pets? If so what? 1 shitzu, and a really fat cat named Lucy 11. Were do you live? Mooresville , NC 12. Whats you favorite car audio brand? Fi 13. Whats your favorite kind of pizza? sausage deep dish 14. Whats your favorite kind of ice cream? birthday cake 15. Who is your hero in the car audio industry? no one, this is more of a hobby... 16. Whats your dream system? something louder than Alans 17. Whats your dream car? 1 1967 mustang shelby gt500 18. Whats the fast car you have drove/ road in? a Carerra GT ! 19. Were do you buy most of your car audio products? i dont . 20. What is your job? student! 21. Whats your favorite saying? life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get 22. Favorite smilie? dunno 23. Who do you think is the hotest person? my baby, Alan Coates 24. Whats your favorite brand of cars? FORD 25. What do you like better, cars, vans, trucks, or SUV's? cars, faster 26. Whats one thing that most ppl on roe dont know about you? .....dunno 27. Do you now how to build a subwoofer box? i probably could build a really nice one with my boyfriends help 28. Were would you like to visit? Europe! 29. Whats is the most recent thing you have purchased? a 3000D for my boyfriend . go figure its not for me! 30. Do you know who Chuck Norris is? When Chuck Norris does push ups, he doesnt push himself up, he pushes the world down. 31. Who do you think is the most knowlegable person on ROE? .......... 32. What time is it? 10:20 33. What kind of computer do you have? Toshiba 34. Whats your dream job? no job at all! duh!
  10. thespoon25

    car audio/ automotive schools

    theres nashville auto/diesel...but its a POS schooll...its reallyyy crappy from what ive heard- i was going to go there till i heard all that...my boyfriend attends NTI in mooresville NC , and its a great school. very nice and they really teach you what you need to know.
  11. baby call me!!!!!! go get your phone :(

  12. thespoon25

    car audio/ automotive schools

    its not a car audio school, its a mechanic school, theres nascar tech that teaches you how to be a mechanic...its in mooresville NC right near charlotte...but if you go to UTI.edu they have several campuses all over the country that offer mechanics for cars, diesels, motorcycles, boats, and a body shop school as well. hope that helps!
  13. thespoon25

    Mazda Tribute x-con build

    yeah they were all broken and crappy looking. honestly i know where every function is and im the only one to ever drive the car so i like it just fine. hey i drive the car all the time too mister!!!. and he is a dork, a huge dork! always paintin, or taking something apart.
  14. thespoon25

    Mazda Tribute x-con build

    in the dark it looks all the same anyway dork.
  15. thespoon25

    Team SSA Stickers are in!

    i wish i was on the team so i could have a cool sticker . damn you Alan