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  1. Thanks. Saw those on ebay.  Thinking I will grab one.  So far it is much better.  2.8 may be too open though as I can swing in and out of focus depending on how much attention I am paying.  So much more natural looking than my other webcam.  The flipping open of the mirror is disconcerting, but I used it for 3 hours today and all good.  I can't find how to focus in the Eos utility so I've been doing it manually, but that is the last frontier.

  2. That is the 17-55 2.8.  17 is way too wide, my 50mm was too narrow....so this is it.  A lens that owes me nothing though so why not.  Is there a way to plug the camera in to charge?  First day I will use it will be tomorrow.  I have two batteries.  Curious to see how it fares.  

  3. On 12/1/2021 at 4:18 PM, MKader17 said:

    Canon released their EOS webcam utility sometime last year I believe.


    Should I be worried about a couple hours of my 60D doing that per day? I thought I may really be stressing the sensor.




    PERFECT use for my old XSI.  I was going to give it away.  If it fries, fuck it.  Not supposed to work according to Canon but it does.

  4. On 11/30/2021 at 7:45 PM, nem said:

    How is the little man doing Sean?

    This covid fucking sucks! My best friend got it and ended up with double lung pneumonia and was doing well, the only problem was when he was sleeping his O2 was dropping down too low. So they convinced him to go on a vent , unfortunately he went into cardiac arrest. 

    If that is not enough I have 4 of my mechanics struggling with covid, one is in the hospital. I check on them daily, the best thing you can use a cell phone for with video.


    Holy shit.  Sorry.  My son never had a symptom.  None of us did.  We got lucky.  That is awful :(

  5. Again deep bass for music vs video games and theater are two different things.  Also depends on the music.  A low tuned theater enclosure with that driver and you are look at tuning in the teens.  For music it could be in the 30's depending on what you listen to.

  6. 2 hours ago, Tirefryr said:

    I have a woofer tester if you'd like to borrow it.  It can measure small signal parameters.

    That's the easiest way.

    ....although for those drivers being close is probably ok.  Theater or music?  ie, 12hz rumble nuts or just music

  7. 3 hours ago, dem beats said:

    Make him sleep.  Even if he is A-symptomatic. 

    zinc, D, fluids.  

    horsepaste and or antibodies are the fast pass. 

    I’m gonna treat this like you would treat an audio question Sean.

    It’s so close to impossible for you to not have COVID inside you and your family that I wouldn’t take that bet for a billion dollars.   The amount is so small that you cannot tell and neither can the type of test you used. Remember the microphone analogy?  Thanks again for that. I love learning. 

    Every interaction that every virus cell has with your body is a chemical dice roll. That’s it.  


    We took a lab test on Wednesday night for Thursday.  Results didn't come in time for Thanksgiving so we took an instant test.  3 of us negative, 1 positive both times.  Stacking the error I assume the tests are right.  Either way with symptoms he has state his body did a killer job right away on it.  It has been 6 days since contracting and he looks and sounds great.  I am holding my braeth in saying that, but we are doing all we can.  Hanging out with him via Messenger right now in video and watching the Vikings game together.  

    He had one sick day from school in kindergarten.  Never had anything after.  Plays soccer 5 days a week on the top team in a 4000 kid school so he is fit.  Still stuffing him with a variety of killer nutrition.

    19 hours ago, Godsmack said:

    Let's start with this, why go mirrorless to have an overpriced webcam when nobody seeing you will truly give a good goddamn? You can get a 4K webcam dirt cheap these days.

    It's all about the glass.  I want bokeh as it makes it WAY harder for people to not just like what you have to say.  Seriously the biggest difference you can make when interacting.  Contemplating selling the 70d and all my glass as well.

  8. 19 hours ago, Godsmack said:

    Brother, he needs it now. It'll keep him positive. My mom and step dad have had it and been vaxxed before getting it. She's a school teacher and has known kids who have gotten it.


    Healthy diet, vitamins C and D3 (zinc is good too), lots of fluids, and exercise to tolerance are smart moves. Keep him positive, motivated, and mobile. You're doing everything right here.

    Positive vibes for him!!

    Got him out ripping around on the 4 wheeler today.  Went for a walk as well.

  9. Thanks guys.  He has been quarantined in his room, but eating super well.  It has been the first days below freezing and 15F at that so outside isn't so great :(  We all tested negative, the covid patient has no symptoms, but we are all exhibiting uber mild version of the symptoms albeit while testing negative.

  10. On a not so happy note, we took a pre-emptive Covid test (no symptoms) before going to my parents house for Thanksgiving and my 10 year old has Covid.  I am stuck in reading research mode on what to eat/take/suppliment to keep him healthy as can be and the rest of us safe.  Non-vaxxed as that has only been an option for 2 weeks.  My respiratorial risky child was vaxxed just two months ago.  The other three of us tested ok.

  11. On 11/10/2021 at 11:55 AM, dem beats said:



    I think I am gonna work on those maelstrom boxes.  Don’t want to think, just need help.  I don’t think I even have the TS parameters for these old 18” maelstrom-x.  Each sub is a single voice coil. 

    Should I just seal up the boxes I have now, or should I design in a vent for the enclosure?

    Right now each box is 24”x 54” x 27”

    I may have to trim some of those measurements if the MDF got wet.  Right now they are just 2 C channels with 3 open sides.

    I’m powering the pair of maelstroms with a PLX3102 from QSC. I don’t think I’ll be able to wire them to squeeze the full juice out of this amp but I got it for a song and it is better then the low end roll off on the other options at the time  


    Throw out your ideas, might as well make it a group project!



    Dig for TS and I would say more.  No idea how those would be sealed.  For home use?  Theater/games/rumble or music?

    On 11/11/2021 at 6:57 PM, Tirefryr said:

    I bought a toaster today



    Lol.  I can't say much else.