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  1. Indeed, he was helpful. And yes the car is damped like mad. The only other car I have done work on that was worrse was my old Lincoln Mark 8. I sold it to one of my really good friends and with a W7 and 1000w it sounded good, but loud wouldn't be the word that I would use.

    Mike shipped my sub today. I have 10 layers on my mold and will add another 7 tonight--not going to let it flex if at all possible.

  2. If you have a 2ft box gross (without port and sub) and you put a sub in it, the reduced displacement will cause the port to need to be longer.

    If you have a complete box with sub and port tuned to 29Hz and you want to raise the tuning frequency you would shorten the port.

    Rules of thumb, from a nominal design:

    1) the smaller you make the box the longer your port will be for a set frequency

    2) The higher the tuning frequency the shorter the port

    Kent, please tell me I am right?

  3. My gut feel is on a sub-box it ain't that big of a deal. At 100Hz, sort of your top end for the shortest wavelength that your sub will be playing is about 3m or 12ft long. I would find it hard to believe that you will have a lot of destructive interference coming from an odd shaped enclosure. In fact, I would guess it would be even less likely than a square box--it may happen in more frequencies in your box but have less of an effect overall.

    Just a guess, box building is new to me. Anyone think differently?

  4. assuming the box is 2.733 cuft and the port being 4" round an internal I get:

    1 of 4" port -->13.39" (port volume 0.097, box 2.636)

    2 of 4" port-->36.13" (port volume 0.525, box 2.208)

    DISCLAIMER: Please do not use these without checking with someone, I just used the BCAE calculator and did not verify that they are right.

    On a positive note--and the reason for my response--the order of magnitude between the two is surely about right so if we were asking to try and get your box closer to the recommended 2.25ft using dual ports will get you closer!

  5. Hey, want your guys opinion on my setup and what to do. The review here and interactions with Mike have convinced me to go with a SoundSplinter. I will push it with either 310wrms (PG M44) or 500wrms (PG zx475ti). My choice due to volume is either a sealed Rlp 12" or ported 10" RLi. I haven't ordered the sub yet but have started on the mold for the box. Here are pics of the beginning.