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  1. My POS Cadillac has been through hell and back and outside of owner influenced troubles has only had the cruise control and the heated seat break.

    Alternatives are BMW M5, Mercedes E63, and the Lexus GS F.  Was going to go electric, but the MachE isn't much better than the pos Tesla's so I gave up that notion.  The Lexus is too slow and adding a supercharger to it probably takes that lovely reliability and kicks it out the window.  It's infotainment system is nonsense as well.  The laundry list of things that go wrong on the Germans on the forums is a mile long.  The CTS-V somewhat minimal...

    I am scared of it though, because Cadillac.

  2. 22 hours ago, nigel said:

    Here in the land of tyranny, it's illegal to use a boat launch under the current lockdown order.


    Apparently, covid spreads at a much higher rate out on the water.  Who would've thought, sitting on my boat away from others was such a risk.

    Dumb as fuck right there.  Here boats are sold out for this year AND next already

  3. On 4/26/2021 at 1:18 PM, Godsmack said:

    I'd been fighting to have my position's pay grades upgraded, and applying for new positions/a promotion.....that's tits up for now. As of the moment I am just hunting for a new position. Hopefully something comes soon. Rough finding someone to fight this; quite honestly I believe this is someone being vindictive for a past supervisor.


    As for patching me up, brain MRI on the 5th of May, and phys therapy consultation coming up around the 24th. I'm also putting in for increased compensation after all this. It's going to be a shit show for a bit.


    Hang in there!!


  4. 4 hours ago, Aaron Clinton said:

    Fusion has been really expanding into Marine Audio lately it seems.

    That is probably because they are owned by Garmin who is big time into Marine Depth electronics.  I run all Lowrance, but didn't want my graphs to control the radio.  Having 2 12" graphs and 2 9" graphs on when just tooling around is a waste of battery and fucntionally since I only stream music from my phone I can use it's volume either by yelling at it or reaching it on the phone mount at anytime sort of making extra stuff on the graphs not worthwhile.

  5. On 4/16/2021 at 10:59 PM, dem beats said:

    I'll even make her some biscuits and gravy for breakfast every day for a month if she finds me a single divorce lawyer friend.



    I will try as you know she loves b&g

  6. Ordered some Infinity's for the boat.  Being there are no lights on the boat and I want to cut as few holes as possible I bought one with built in RGB LED's.  Found them on closeout on Ebay for cheap :P

    This boat will be the first vehicle I have owned (that isn't my wives) that I haven't put an amp in.

  7. Chinese company, decides to go direct to market, tons of other stuff match.  Tells a story.  I had to ask though as I hate the fact that I want that, but I can't rationalize $120 for a Memphis when something darn near identical is $60

  8. 7 hours ago, Adrian_D said:

    Of course. 

    Downstairs we only have the garage, kitchen and living room. The architect said he had to move the furnace room upstairs to avoid having huge bedrooms :D

    Smart architect.  Is his name Adrian?

  9. My guess is Velex is the manufacturer.  $60 for that one.  $100 and $120 for the other two.  There is a Kicker as well that looks the same....


    I assume the real brands probably have some slightly higher specifications ont he screen and such, but it will be used solely to stream music from my phone...no amplifier though so I am a bit wary.