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  1. Ha.  Two is perfect.  My slip holds an up to 24' boat which means we can do watersports and create general havoc and the garage stall holds the fishing boat.  It takes longer to take a cover off a floating boat than it does for me to get to the launch and put it in.  Private city launch is a 500 yard drive away.  Saves me from having to take out the rods, graphs and cover it.  No brainer.  With a foot more on both sides and extra length I can leave the motor up and do it without stopping as I get home and no help.  That's all I care about for that.  I have a hard cover problem though otherwise it would have been bigger


  2. There is about 1" on each side of the fenders going through the door.  While I can usually see those it is harder to tell if I am straight.  A spotter makes it go smoothly.  Wheel chock position also regrettably depends on where the ass ends up being backed up.  Stupid 220v power box makes it so I have to shuffle it over if I don't get it perfect.

    2nd week of May the 4th stall gets framed and then I can do it alone.  Adding 2' in width to the door and 4' in length.  Easy peasy.


  3. My wife was home today so I backed the boat in and reorganized the garage.  Way faster to back it in, but fuck.  1" on both sides for width and this clearance for front and back makes the butt pucker.




    Way easier to get out when backed in.  Like it when she is home :P


  4. I should add that I don't think I've ever watched a video I've shot.  Just kids band concerts and other shit like that.  More for later in life.  I do take a lot of pictures though, but really like the Google photo integration.

  5. 9 hours ago, dem beats said:

    That doesn't make sense. Its all just hardware and if you have a Mac you can run windows easy and if you have windows you can run Mac for now.

    You can run any VM on any machine in 2021.

    My windows PC is the same cost as a Mac PC, the gods at Nvidia now opened up GeForce to their super VM options too.


    To be fair, I was emulating windows on my old G3 Mac and iMac in the 90s. I feel comfortable.   Its a billion times easier now, especially in reverse.  Try making your windows machine run Mac in the 90s.  I would love to see that fireball.  :D

    iPhone integration for what I do at work sucks.  Half my team has them and can't get any normal tools to work with their computer.  Such an efficiency loss I can't own one.  Could care less what option I have as long as it works and from what I've seen Apple's integration into Windows is abysmal and no way I can use a Mac for work.

  6. 9 hours ago, dem beats said:

    Not nearly as secure. 


    Sincerely not even close. Every day Google becomes more liability than tool to make things better. 


    Rich text is not magic but android should catch up. The market is ready and I think BB even offered it to them for nothing. 

    I don't have anything on my phone that needs to be secure.

  7. Same with photos, password cross platform integration, dialer.  So much better than Apple.  Tried to help my brother set his Apple up, but it sucks donkey.  Also Android Auto is far superior to Carplay in having shit that actually works.

    My phone sits on a wireless charger by my desk all day.  I answer texts, calls, make calls and do everything I need a phone to do without picking it up.  I spend on average 7+ hours a day talking as well.  Reminds me of one other thing that Android destroys Apple on.  The transition from wifi calls to cell antenna.  100% of the time when I am talking  to my boss and he moves from wifi to cell antenna I lose him.  I can walk back and forth all day long and never drop a call.  Bluetooth range seems to be better as well, but perhaps that is solely the Pixel.

    Where Apple wins is if you subscribe to their complete system.  PC, phone, icloud and everything else.  Personally I am frugal so that isn't in the cards.  I have other things to spend money on.


  8. 14 hours ago, MKader17 said:

    I agree, but I think that it is exactly the fundamentals that Apple does right for it's consumer base. Clicking a thumbnail that immediately put's your phone into full screen to watch the video is far superior to clicking an awkward looking link. It seems silly but it's true.

    This wasn't a controlled study, but I tried to send my iPhone friend a video I put together. Each way I sent it, he said it was really grainy. When I got the iPhone I immediately sent him the same video through iMessage and it was super clear. :shrug:

    And when he sends you a video, tiny and grainy.

  9. 5 hours ago, MKader17 said:

    Video seems better quality to me. Also, I was able to take a video, crop the frame, do some light adjustment, adjust the beginning in end in a flash. With Android I can only crop the beginning and end and the time to save the new video takes a long time.

    I'll also throw in that sharing videos amongst other iPhone users is simple and great quality. I still haven't found a good way to send a video on android that isn't uploading it and sending a link

    I just share a link to my drive account.  Fundamentally exactly what Apple is doing as well btw.


  10. 9 hours ago, Tirefryr said:

    Aura used to make some.  Good luck finding them though.    If you can wait a couple weeks, my 3D printer should be in.

    Hurry I am not in so much.  Just trying to decide what to do.  The boat doesn't need a system, but it needs tunes for sure


  11. Because my garage isn't big enough and to pull it in backwards I would have to move a couple workbenches and other shit that is on the other side of the boat.  New stall is slated to be complete erected in April so the number of in and outs won't be many.


  12. On 3/21/2021 at 8:56 PM, ///M5 said:



    I pulled all the amps, miniDSP, subs etc out of Big Ugly.  I did NOT touch the ignition or constant power lijnes.  Stereo shut off before with the key.  Now it stays on.  ???

    Fixed itself by just a disconnect and reconnect of the battery.