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  1. brandonf

    1992 volvo 240 wagon build log

    Very nice/clean setup! Gotta love a Volvo with bass! Edit: Do you have anything holding down the back battery? It would suck to have it hit a ground :x
  2. brandonf

    2011 ms3

    new car!
  3. brandonf

    Looking for a new car

    Here's the only pic I have at the moment:
  4. brandonf

    Looking for a new car

    I do have a dc alt that I never used and need to return/trade for a new one, and a loot of parts in my room. And if the khaotik enclosure fits in the back, it'll find its way in the car soon.
  5. brandonf

    Looking for a new car

    So I finally picked up a new car, 2011 mazdaspeed 3! It's a 6-speed manual hatchback, 2.3l turbo fwd w/ 263 hp Thanks for the help all, didn't even know about the mazdaspeed's before this thread.
  6. brandonf

    Will this work if I do this to my port?

    Google chris torres speaker box tuning calculator, all info from looking at the pic http://lmgtfy.com/?q=chris+torres+speaker+box+tuning+calculator
  7. whats going on brandon?

  8. brandonf

    Your Vote Needed!!! Final round!!

    voted as well.
  9. brandonf

    OT: server rack build

    Nice rack man! *pun intended* bassahaulic, i have an extra mobo, for an AMD processor though ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131292 ) - $125 (1/2 off and never used) :x
  10. brandonf

    Mac N Cheese's build log

    Oh man, I'm sooo happy it got there (and safely) after the run-around the post office gave me! Looks like I'll be throwing that BL in my trunk this weekend..
  11. brandonf

    Spam topics / posts

    at roughly 100 ip's a day, it would takes years to block them, unless you're doing cidr ranges anyway, work for a webhosting company, we come across this often. IP.board has decent internal spam controls that look for post flooding/login attempt fails/email harvesting and auto-blocks them. You may also want to put in some sort of Captcha to help block the new spam registrations.
  12. brandonf

    Sundown amp question

    No, I am the third owner of this amp, if he did it would clear up EVERYTHING. Ill try to get my hands on a woofer tomorrow and make sure that it is just the l.e.d Feel free to use the BL to test it, unless re-packaging it is a bitch
  13. brandonf

    SSA, Help me spend my xmas money!!!

    Who cares what other people think about those speakers, how does it sound to you? What kind of amp you have on them, where are they installed?
  14. I would go with a larger or second alt. That 3500 is definitely pulling more amps than your alt can supply. Edit: Forgot to ask.. do you have the big 3 done? *assumed you do, but wanted to make sure*
  15. sup man. figured i wouldn't get a hold of you until next week.