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Found 5 results

  1. SoundQubed

    Atrend Enclosures *Promo Inside*

    Our partners over at Atrend USA are offering up a sweet deal on all SoundQubed enclosures for the month of February. 15% off any enclosure Start Date 2/9/2015 - End Date 2/16/2015 PROMO CODE: https://atrendusa.com/soundqubed
  2. Alright so I'll give you guys some backround information. I have a 2008 Honda Fit Sport. 180 amp singer alt and xs d5100r under the hood, and 2 xs xp3000's in the hatch. 2 soundqubed 2200s strapped @ 2 ohms (each seeing 1 ohm) pushing 2 hdc315's in a 10 ish cu ft box tuned to 32hz. I don't k now how much port area there is, but it's a lot. These things get low. Sometimes I wish I tuned a little higher, but that's a whole other topic. I haven't played many test tones but on music I've been metered at 153.8 and as high as 149.9 @ 29hz. My mids and high keep up with the bass, but they're missing that "wow" factor. People that don't know anything about car audio will be blown away by 150+db of bass on music, but I want the vocals to be just as mind blowing. I like to leave room for improvement, so I'm not gonna get custom doors made quite yet. As of now I have a second box mounted on the front of my sub box with 4 soundqubed 6.5 pro audio speakers and 2 of there supertweeters. I have some old powerbass components (you don't even hear them). The tweeters have been blown for so long, sometimes I wonder whether or not I need them. I have a ppi 900.4 pushing the mids and highs. So basically my whole system consists of 2 hdc315's on 4.4k, and 4 soundqubed pro audio mids receiving about 100 rms each. It sounds damn good and range is unbelievable for only having 2 different speakers. Now comes to the real part where I need feedback. I don't know why, but I've decided to go with prv audio for my mids and highs. I'm gonna stick with my ppi 900.4 for now, it does a little more than 200 rms per channel x 4. Down the road, I'll be converting to a crescendo 1100.4. I know that 4 8 ohm speakers can be wired down to a 2 ohm load. So essentially I could run 16 8 ohm speakers on 4 channels each seeing 2 ohms. I want 4 8"s, 2 6.5"s, 4 of their highest end super tweeters, and 4 of their compression/wave guide combo (ostly because I think they'll Look cool). I'm going to try to upload a picture of my sketch so you guys can see how they would look in the box. What do u guys think about this. I know I'd save money by not having to get amother custom box made if I just went right with it and got custom doors made for all the speakers, but like I said I like to leave room for improvement down the road when I get bored again (probably 2 months lol). Any and all hel p is appreciated guys.
  3. ObTechAudio

    Port Help for My HDC3 18"

    Hey guys, I am needing some direction or reassurance in what I'm doing with my port. This is my first time working with an 18" sub and with SoundQubed equipment. According to soundqubed.com, the HDC3 18" wants a box anywhere from 5-6 cubes with a vent of 96sq" x 18" long. To me, that port seems odd. So I just got done designing my box. External dimensions are 25" x 25" x 26" but I'm using double sheets of .75 MDF, so each measurement take off 3". I calculate internal space at 22" x 22" x 23" = 11,132 inches = 6.44 cubes. Rough internal space after ONLY sub displacements is 6.4ish cubes. My desired tuning frequency is 31-32hz, because the fs of this sub is 31hz. So, I designed my port on both WinISD and CarStereo.com at 3" x 16" and 15.5" long. Both WinISD and CarStereo said with that size of box (6.3 cubes internal), port size (3 x 16 x 15.5), and tuning frequency (31-32hz), I should have zero problem. After all displacements, I'll roughly have an internal space of 5.95 cubes, which is EXACTLY what I wanted. I'm asking you guys, because it's not what soundqubed suggests and that's what worries me. I want you guys to check out what I'm doing and see if it all looks good to go. I appreciate any insight or feedback.
  4. SoundQubed

    Trip on Route 66

    From the album: SoundQubed Demo Car

    On a trip to a show in Tulsa Oklahoma. We took a trip down old Route 66 and had us a layover at Pops!

    © SoundQubed

  5. SoundQubed

    Sunny Day at SoundQubed HeadQuarter

    From the album: SoundQubed Demo Car

    Right after the wrap was put on the vehicle, just before a show.