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  1. Don Ganso


    Just sold the last of my audio gear, and I wanted to say thanks to Jacob for the serious help he gave me with everything. Amazing customer service x100000000000000000000000000000000
  2. Don Ganso


    The first verse will make any SQ junkie cringe. I just think it's hilarious!
  3. DA MOST BOMBIN' SUPACHARGA This^ being a fake supercharger... lmfao
  4. Don Ganso

    MTX Blue Thunder 12 ((OLD SCHOOL!))

    Alright, sealed I shall try, and we shall see how she goes.
  5. Don Ganso

    MTX Blue Thunder 12 ((OLD SCHOOL!))

    Thank you! Now the only rms quote I found was someone claiming it was a "500 watt sub". WTF? I look at this thing and I'd guess 150 or so, but I 'spose you can't judge a book by its cover. Either way, will be using an equally old MTX 250x for power, so I have a few questions: NO subsonic filter, ported a bad idea? You say 2 cubes sealed but don't mention ported or sealed; is this a "recommended for sealed enclosures only" deal making ported a doubly bad idea? This is for a friend who is looking for output over quality of sound and he's flat broke, so what's the best route to go with this?
  6. Don Ganso

    MTX Blue Thunder 12 ((OLD SCHOOL!))

    Tried, and tried hard. perhaps i failz at the intornetz? I don't know, but my searches were "MTX Blue Thunder 12", "MTX Blue Thunder 12 specs", "Old MTX Blue Thunder 12 specs", and the best of them all: "Old MTX Blue Thunder 12 specs black cone blue writing".
  7. Friend has one, wants help building a box, general system setup, etc. Looks like this, but nastier.: (no pics of my own) It's got the little tab terminals and everything. Funky and old. Haven't thrown a DMM on it so no guess at the imp. Single coil. As many specs as you got. Throw 'em up.
  8. Don Ganso

    Box for single Fi BL 15

    That is a good point. Does this sound like good dimensions? Btw this is my first box build. 31 inches wide, 12 inches tall, 24 inches deep. 3/4" MDF board Slot Port Height - 10.5 inches Port width - 4 inches Port Length 1 - 19.25 inches Port Length 2 - 3 inches 42 inches of port area. 3.3 cubic feet of total box volume, tuned to 31.49 Fb If those dimensions fit in your vehicle and create an enclosure with your desired internal volume and tuning frequency, then yes, those are good dimensions.
  9. Don Ganso

    Chese20323's Build Log!!!:)

    Looks tasty!
  10. Don Ganso

    Box for single Fi BL 15

    Here's what I did with my BL. Is this what you mean by "sub on top port front?" Hope this helps
  11. Hard to pick "best engine" in any category, only "most popular for such and such a reason." For instance, mitsubishi's 4g63t reigned/reigns supreme for some people for a turbo 4 build because of the vast aftermarket and power potential, but Ford's 2.3t has similar potential but appears less popular to the tuning aftermarket. If one looks at engines with double the cylinders, one might see the LS1 taking the prize, but I personally feel that the 4.6 never got enough aftermarket love. I seen dozens of chevy-engine-ford-chassis drag cars, but I've yet to run across a ford-engine-chevy-chassis drag car. Point being any engine can be built and maintained to reach a certain goal and ALL engines have certain points that are less than desirable. Honda does not shit race-ready import gold, but they make damn good engines, heck, cars in general. That doesn't mean that Nissan can't compete. Same goes for Ford/Chevy or anything else for that matter. Ferrari/Lamborghini. You can find examples from all of these companies for cars/engines that have power, reliability, or both.
  12. There we go... Very... arousing... Mmmmmmmm Porsche....
  13. Does not show up, what's the picture?
  14. WOW! Really doing well for yourself, especially in such economic climates as these. Even to you for keeping the customer service strong! Good luck in the future as well, but by the looks of things, you don't need luck with products as good as these!
  15. Everything is for sale, check out my for sale thread!