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    FeedBack **Positive**

    thehawk93 Bought an amp from him, and received it quickly. It was as described and works perfect. Great guy to deal with here.
  2. ktroym

    MASSIVE steering wheel flex!

    Holy flex!!! Very nice!
  3. ktroym

    *New* 2010 Fi Q

    Hey guys not to hijack this thread but the new line of SSD's look insane with 800 RMS, and an Xmax of 21mm. I might have to pick one up just because, and you cant beat the price either.
  4. ktroym

    Sundown March Sale !

    These are some good deals. Thanks Jacob.
  5. ktroym

    Which sub will work for me?

    question did you build the enclosure yourself? and where abouts in MI are you located? 10 Miles south of flint. I bought the box from a buddy who had it made at Advance auto sound in Flint.
  6. ktroym

    Which sub will work for me?

    Hey guys, just wanted a little input on which sub will suit me best. I have a 2003 Buick Lesabre, stock alt for now, 0 gauge throughout, optima yellow top, and a SAZ1500D. I like to listen to mostly rap. I currently have a sundown z15 v.1 in a 3 cubic foot box tuned to 34hz. I like the sundown sub, but I want something that pounds harder and louder! I am looking at 3 different 12" subs. FI BTL fully loaded, Sundown Nightshade, or SSA XCON. Now keep in mind whichever one I choose now, I will be getting a second one down the road for a total of 2. If anyone has ever made a box for a 2000-2005 lesabre let me know because i am trying to build a box that ports through the arm rest in the back seat to get the sound out of the truck. I hope i have provided enough info for ya. Thanks
  7. ktroym

    Custom re-building 15" T3 TSS

    Is this something your testing, and when done you may sell? I am interested in purchasing 1 if its a 15. Looks great by the way.
  8. ktroym

    Custom re-building 15" T3 TSS

    Hey Jacob, so whats this sub capable of power wise? I have a Z v.1 15 and I'm curious. Thanks
  9. ktroym

    FI 15 Q rebuild as a BL?

    Hi, I have a FI 15 Q that needs to be rebuilt or re-coned because one of the voice coils is burned up. I am wanting to know if I sent the speaker in can they rebuild it as a BL or BTL, and how much would it cost?
  10. ktroym

    FI 15 Q rebuild as a BL?

    I do like the Q I wouldnt mind hearing the BL, and I just bought a Sundown Z15, so I can send the FI to get re-coned. I can keep the Q its a great sub and also buy a BL. LOL