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  1. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    nice little threesome if i do say so myself and btw im probably selling the subs before i install. they're BNIB
  2. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    alright guys, just got a little more serious in the car audio game. i'm just 16 and this is my 2nd setup. vehicle: 2004 jeep liberty columbia edition 3.7 v6 goal start working on a spl setup while still being able to have functional daily use. setup alpine cde 9874 pioneer DEQ 9200 EQ all 0/1 big 3 alpine 6.5 type r components alpine f-300 pac lc-1 bass knob stinger voltmeter blue led's some interstate extra battery. upgrade soon! alpine m2000 fi btl 12, dual 1, cooling, hiXM coil, daily, heat ring, universal, red dustcap custom box i made with 2.69 net cubes tuned to 36 hz side view of my ride partially built box and amp here are a few pics of the box/sub future planned upgrades: dc alt 200+ amps xs power battery fatmat of entire vehicle. i pay for all of this myself and i do everything i can with the funds i've got. please reply with suggestions or comments peyton
  3. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    yooooo bought another 4500d.
  4. pdubb

    21Hz sine wave window flex

    damnit man hahha good stuff
  5. pdubb

    RichyMitch925 2003 Chevy Tahoe

    bring them 4's back, except 6's this time
  6. pdubb

    2 x Fi Q 18" Wall build in a Celica T23

    youre damn smart, very technical and a great craftsman, i respect that. good lookin build, hope it achieves your goals
  7. pdubb

    Lots of 18s

    that's pimpin
  8. pdubb

    Need your vote!

    if they win, then you owe me a case
  9. pdubb

    07 F250 HD

    nice clean build and bad ass truck
  10. pdubb

    Mother of GOD Thank you Jacob!!

    got those 2 exact amps sittin in my room right now haha, good stuff!
  11. pdubb

    4sa 8s ported or 4 sa10s sealed

    SA 8's ftw
  12. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    once i buy wood for the box another 4500d will be OTW
  13. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    200.4 is longer but the 4500d is wider and heavier. im pretty pleased how things are going at the moment
  14. pdubb

    p dubb's log

  15. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    bought my first SAZ 4500d pics when it arrives....wood is the next step
  16. pdubb


    SA-15 cvx if you catch my drift i've got 8 SA-15s
  17. 1 more paycheck till 4500d :)

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    2. pdubb


      Mark i'll send you a pm when i've got the funds to make something happen, thanks

    3. Mark LaFountain

      Mark LaFountain

      I have two shipping to me tomorrow from Sundown, then I have to sell them asap. let me know! thanks.

    4. Mark LaFountain

      Mark LaFountain

      I will have them Friday. FYI

  18. pdubb

    loudest $300 sub

    agreed, quality subs from 8-15" +1 this thread is a joke
  19. pdubb

    Fi N2 BTL Video

    i can dig that. if i ever want to do a small setup for mysef i'd like to try the n2's
  20. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    well i also have my own sort of landscaping business for the summer, i do anything from mowing, gutters, leaves, mulch, trimming and snow removal. basically anything to make a buck i'll do it. Also, i would not be able to do a build of this magnitued without the help of my teammates from team Groundshakaz
  21. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    im workin on it! believe me i want it done too. but im 17 and i work part time along with gong to high school. im ordering my baltic birch within the next week.
  22. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    hell yeah, i had to do it
  23. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    got meh 6 new subs, and Jacob just sent 2 recones 2 baskets SA-15's
  24. pdubb

    Question on SA-12's

    i say 2 cubes per sub from experience. they like the bigger box and 33 hz IMO, this is from doing multiple installs with SA-12s