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  1. StreetLegal

    Icon 12 box design

    Thanks, and you are welcome.
  2. StreetLegal

    Icon 12 box design

    Icon 12 2.25 cuft @ 35 Hz
  3. StreetLegal

    Icon 12 box design

    Thanks Aaron !
  4. StreetLegal

    Icon 12 box design

    below !
  5. StreetLegal

    Icon 12 box design

    Sub up Port Back Coming soon.
  6. Looked on the store page but there was not any woofer displacement for the Icon 12.
  7. StreetLegal

    New Icon 12 displacement ?

    Thanks Guys.
  8. Would love to hear what you guys think of this http://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/auto-kits/hi-vi-d630-3-way-autosound-system/
  9. StreetLegal

    New 2 SSA

  10. StreetLegal

    Flatlyne 15

    Thanks, I can only fit a 12 , I been looking at a lot of other 12's
  11. StreetLegal

    Flatlyne 15

    I really want to try a 12, waiting for your review.
  12. StreetLegal

    Hello everybody

    to ssa Annabel123.
  13. StreetLegal

    Flatlyne 15

    Looks awesome !
  14. StreetLegal

    Glad I found SSA

    Welcome to ssa, looking forward to see the full ssa build.
  15. StreetLegal

    Flatlyne 15

    Looking good
  16. StreetLegal

    Need Recommendation Replacing Factory Sub

    I beleive this is under 5 http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/sundown-audio-sd-3-10-500-watt-sd-series.html
  17. StreetLegal

    Need Recommendation Replacing Factory Sub

  18. StreetLegal

    Melted plastic negative wire

    I see these shyt at work from time to time, poor or loose connection coupled with vibration.
  19. Haha. I designed that box when I was a young designer , and yes, with that amount of power it should have had a bit more port area. .
  20. StreetLegal

    Flatlyne 15

    Would you mind sharing that info with us, so as to help others?
  21. StreetLegal

    Flatlyne 15