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  1. yea they seem to love power from what ive seen
  2. grim83

    liljestrands 72 honda n600 soon to be filled with b2.

    ...i want one now damn you
  3. grim83

    Hello all, South Alabama here

    welcome to ssa bro im up in the gump area alabama isnt soooo far behind lol just a much smaller circle of audio fanatics than some of the other states lol
  4. grim83

    How is this component set?

    i love my id ctx's but if i had it to do over again i think id nab a set of those focal access 165a1's either way you should be happy
  5. grim83

    Happy burfday Nick!

    what the midget has birthdays? snort a few lines for me nicky
  6. grim83

    super budget setup

    i have a set of the id's and love em but if your gonna be super strict the cwm6kit set would do nicely, id run the 5 channel personally and then the dcon 10 from that list
  7. grim83

    1999 Jeep Cherokee, $1000 budget. audio restoration

    i agree with alton except im not a fan of the alpine type r component set (granted i havent heard the newest one but i doubt its all that much better). personally id look at other option like possibly doing a set of these in the front doors http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_15773_Boston-Acoustics-PRO50SE-Pro50-SE.html without any speakers in the back (dont really need em) or maybe do the pioneer d series comps up front and the coax in the back or even look into cadence line of speakers to save some more money, cadence offers some pretty decent stuff at great prices
  8. grim83

    I know I have a car audio addiction when......

    i think driving a truck that looks like this because your "in the middle of an install" qualifies
  9. grim83

    Sneak Peak at the new GCON (Pics p5)

    Having some fun with it. Thats the un-official slogan lol lol have to admit it made me giggle a bit subs look like fun
  10. grim83

    Sneak Peak at the new GCON (Pics p5)

    "We are going with GCON, becuase it's hits the "spot". lulz
  11. grim83

    Best QWOP Run EVAR!?!?

    i cheated like hell if that helps lol made him do a split then inched my way on up
  12. grim83

    Best QWOP Run EVAR!?!?

    top that dude
  13. grim83

    Best QWOP Run EVAR!?!?

    7.4 yea i whoop ass....well maybe not lol
  14. grim83

    Firing upward vs back

    different cars like different things, if its a round body i believe it does best with sup up port to the driver side for metering on the passenger side and vice versa for metering on the drivers side