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  1. JosephSprague

    Mystery Package?

    Aaaron, I received a duplicate Icon today . The one I actually bought and paid for arrived long ago and rocks my daily driver each and every day. Please contact me and I will send you the sub in exchange for a RMA. Thanks!
  2. JosephSprague

    Please Confirm Speaker Cut-Out For Icon 12"

    Thank you so much. You just saved me a Hell of a lot of sanding.
  3. Could someone please confirm the exact cut-out diameter for a new Icon 12"? The Sketch-Up seems to indicate just over 11", but I would like to confirm before touching saw to MDF. Thanks!
  4. JosephSprague

    Icon For Bass Music?

    No doubt Aaron. Thank you for all of your advice and support. I don't know who is more excited me or my five year old LOL.
  5. JosephSprague

    Icon For Bass Music?

    Got my Icon yesterday. Going to build a 1.35 net cubic foot box this Sunday. Sure hope it satisfies my Techmaster P.E.B. craving. Will follow up with you all.
  6. JosephSprague

    Anyone getting Dec. orders yet?

    Got my Icon today. Woot!
  7. JosephSprague

    Icon For Bass Music?

    Alright, got it. I admit to having "I like sealed boxes" shame and need assurance. It used to be so simple when I was young; throw a couple of Orion XTRs in a big sealed box and proceed. Thanks :-)
  8. JosephSprague

    Icon For Bass Music?

    So my Icon 12 D1 is being built and I am definitely going to try a simple sealed box first. The optimal design on the site calls for 1.35 ft^3, but is there a benefit (deeper response) to going with more net volume? I understand that smaller enclosures work better with more power and vise-versa, but I just want a clean (super) deep-dropping daily driver box with extended low end. If that doesn't come through, I'll consider the ported route. Thanks again to all.
  9. JosephSprague

    Icon For Bass Music?

    Haven't had a 15" since 1994 or so....that is definitely the way In am leaning. Thanks Aaron :-)
  10. JosephSprague

    Icon For Bass Music?

    Have one more (and hopefully last) question for you guys. I haven't put my purchase through yet and now am considering a 15" Icon as well. My choices are A) 12" Icon ported realllly low (remember: bass music ~ 25 hz) or B) 15" Icon sealed. This is going in a second gen xB and after reviewing the SSA recommended enclosures, I am actually favoring the 15" in a sealed 2.75 ^ft box over the 12" ported 2.5 ^ft. That and the fact that the 15" is currently only $10 more than the 12". Thanks so much for your feedback. I'll be patient since it is Christmas Eve and the sale goes through the end of the year. Merry Christmas!
  11. JosephSprague

    Icon For Bass Music?

    Yeah! Sweet video. Thanks for all of the feedback. Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to one and all!
  12. JosephSprague

    Icon For Bass Music?

    Definitely not a white girl LOL. Yeah, I think being a Dad is to blame for my lingo.
  13. JosephSprague

    Icon For Bass Music?

    Thanks to all. I'm sitting on the potty and placing my order now LOL.
  14. JosephSprague

    Icon For Bass Music?

    Please help me properly invest my Christmas money. I am considering an Icon 12/d1 to pair with my RF 1000bdcp amp. It is important to note that I am an old school basshead who listens to Techmaster, Bass Patrol, Dynamix II, etc. The ability to play 20-25 Hz notes is a MUST. I've got room for about 2.5 cubes in my xB and lean toward a sealed box for the best mega deep notes. Any advice is appreciated!
  15. I am about to purchase a single SSD 12" to pair with my Rockford Fosgate T1001-bdcp. The amp is 1 ohm stable, but the birth sheet shows only about 50 more watts when compared to 2 ohms. May I please ask whether you recommend going d1/serial to 2 ohms or d2/parallel to 1 ohm? I will be going with high QTS/sealed and cooling (personal preference). Thanks!