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  1. PeterAllen

    FI decals

    i think this is what he is trying to find. Just put mine on and love it its Product code: 10902 under the stickers if your looking for it still
  2. PeterAllen

    Team Fi audio?

    any vids of your setup? ur sig looks like itd be sick but id love to rep Fi... i only got an fi q tho
  3. PeterAllen

    fi q15

    when did they get re rated to 1500w? i bought a 12" Q a month ago and its coming today. does mine fall into that group thats rated at 1500w? or is it still the ones rated at 1kw thanks
  4. PeterAllen

    How is it coming along?

    im on the same boat man... ordered 25 days ago too... waiting for my 12"fi q. itd be cool if they had a build progress tracking code btw couldnt help but notice u got a ranger glad to see more ranger owners going to Fi
  5. PeterAllen

    Fi q12 in reg cab truck

    tired to do a center console but i got 60/40 bench and dont want to cut the center seat out. and the blowthrough doesnt fly with the parents. still under their ruling unfortunately. but im about 6' and have no issues with leg room in my truck so far. and thanks reelfish ill try and find those before i ask any more about what options to get
  6. PeterAllen

    Fi q12 in reg cab truck

    new to the forum here and looking for some help. Im looking to get the Q 12". I have a reg cab truck so really limited on space. The max dimensions i want to go are 48L x 14H x 7BD x 4 TD so my max volume is 1.345ft3 MAX. This means i will need to invert mount it between my seats. (ive done this with an alpine type r 10") want to get a 12" tho now. I am running an alpine MRX-M100 with 4awg power and ground. 130amp alt and stock battery. Should i make the sealed enclose slanted as stated with the dimensions above? or make a rectangle box 14x48x5 (1.117ft3 before displacement of inverted sub) and have room to mount my amp on the front of the box between the seats? (done this before with no overheating issues) Also what upgrades should i add/ what are some of them for? i.e the high QTS? any help or comments are appreciated