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  1. Altimagoesbang

    2 Fi btl triple stack 18s .7

    Fi triple stack 18s d.7 Built in march of 2013 by shawn at fi. Progressive spiders sp4 surround and a n2 coil. Have blue and silver dc Kevlar dustcaps (stickers are removable) 2. Specs: 2500watts RMS 3. Description/Condition: Like new 4. Price: : 400 plus shipped e, 400 picked up e 5. Pictures:
  2. Altimagoesbang

    Cloud77 please read.

    Heads up cloud77 do not drop the PayPal claim untill you are paid for your Recone and make him gift u the money On PayPal so he won't dispute u back... It's sad how shitty people are these days.
  3. Altimagoesbang


    If u don't Wonna wait don't order them, china and Korea have plenty of stuff ready to ship. Personally if u want hand made us subs order fi or dd. u will wait for fi and pay out the ass for dd.
  4. Altimagoesbang

    Introducing the all new SSA Evil!

    No. They are completely different motors and suspensions. The Evil doesn't need a spaced spider either, there is no coil rock. How is the suspension different?
  5. Altimagoesbang

    Introducing the all new SSA Evil!

    If the smd dumps so will this both made by the same company so kinda a pointless statement their.
  6. Altimagoesbang

    Introducing the all new SSA Evil!

    Is this just a redone sp4 with a triple stack? And no space spider?
  7. Altimagoesbang

    LNIB sp4 18 d2 fully loaded

  8. Altimagoesbang

    LNIB sp4 18 d2 fully loaded

    To the top
  9. Altimagoesbang

    LNIB sp4 18 d2 fully loaded

  10. Altimagoesbang

    LNIB sp4 18 d2 fully loaded

    I have plenty of references if needed.
  11. Altimagoesbang

    LNIB sp4 18 d2 fully loaded

    1. Product: sp4 18 d2 had for a months didnt use much need to sell for new build again lol. The gasket has never be used or mounted so its clean. will ship in original box. 2. Specs: 3000 watts rms fully loaded d2 blue sticker 3. Description/Condition: 10/10 mech 9.5/10 cos. if mounting it is is considered cosmetic damage.... 4. Price: : Will do 500+ shipping My zip 72034 (arkansas) pm if ur interested 5. Pictures: ill send pics of voicecoils if u neeed, just pm me ur num ill txt to u.
  12. Altimagoesbang

    2- IB315 in the trunk

    Looks really clean!
  13. Altimagoesbang

    can I recone my bl that c

    If its universal yes
  14. Altimagoesbang

    Sundown SA-12 and Skar VVX-12

    People can say what the wont about him, he has done more for me than any other company even thinks about. Shipped my 4 vvx 15s to me and knew I wouldn't be able to pay for a week and just said send money when u can. Just my personal opinion on the company but haven't had anything but good experiences. Ask ///m5 about Kevin. You don't need to ask anyone specifically about Kevin. All it takes is a Google search, and reading the threads started by those who have been taken advantage of. Nice! I mean I haven't looked into past but I'm going to after class, but that's just been my personal experience so far.