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    Crescendo Logic AGM Batteries

    Whats the amp hr on these cresendo batts? and has anybody seen these http://www.vmaxchargetank.com/ they're priced pretty good on ebay
  2. since I cant find a tripple alt bracket for my 01' Tahoe 5.3L other than the DC Power's bracket. Would that be able to be used with my stock alt and two Mechman G series 240 alts?
  3. also found a pretty good site that has some nice bars http://www.onlinemetals.com/index.cfm. Also I have another question. Do u suggest I run full grounds from front to back or could I make short grounds from the bars to the chassis in the rear?
  4. thanks guys. I think I did see some 1/2" thick bars in Lowes this past weekend. Pretty cheap too. Thanks again
  5. trying to make a couple buss bars for a battery rack and wanted some ideas on what kind of material to use. I stay not too far from a home improvement store and was looking to buy a few flat metal bars. In no way shape or form am I giving my first born for copper lol. I wanted to know would aluminum get too hot? They'll be about 30-36" long x 2" wide x 1/8" thick and I will have about 600amps of current going through them. Or should I use plain steel or steel with zinc plating?

    Crescendo Logic AGM Batteries

    sooo im guessing there isnt a chance of a group buy offer anytime soon or ever?
  7. Does mechman make a dual alt kit for a 2001 Tahoe 5.3L? What are my options?
  8. Ive used glass and even bedliner on the outside before but it was mearly cosmetic and sealant purposes. But just using dynomat isnt going to benefit u. I think u mean dynomat spray. I have heard that spraying the inside helps but I dont know how true it is. Glassing the inside smoothens air transfer and adds strength

    External Ports

    appreciate that

    External Ports

    if u have a regular internal port that needs to be say for example 20" long to get a 30hz fq.....would it still need the same 20" length if it was external to get the same 30Hz tuning? I know internal volume would be more considering less displacement

    If we made an SAZ-4500D...

    What happened to the 5K idea....wasnt the pre sale on that $950?

    Xcon vs Loaded BL

    just something I was messing around with a while ago

    Xcon vs Loaded BL

    cool. It would be more along 2.64ft3 after bracing, and sub/port displacement tuned @ 32Hz

    Xcon vs Loaded BL

    how do u think 4-Icon 12s would do on a 5K with about 2.5ft3 per sub?

    Xcon vs Loaded BL

    yea I see. Ive been getting some attention from Atomic wanting me to run their subs but IDK. Ive been noticing u guys doing ya thing here in the last few yrs. Im looking more @ ur stuff now that Ive seen the Blazer setups. very impressive with just a 3K (not that 3K isnt alot of watts)