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    X18 or Z v.4 for limited space?

    Not trying to be an ass at all - thanks for the response. Im looking at 22" wide, 22" deep, and 34" tall. I want to maximize a single sub setup. I would really like to run an 18 as I've run just about every other setup imaginable except that lol.
  2. SQL_Volvo

    X18 or Z v.4 for limited space?

    It's a bench kyle so not possible. The thing is it's not going to effect my passenger situation but maybe 15% of the time. Truth be told id like to retain the ability to have both my kids ride back there when the need arises.
  3. SQL_Volvo

    X18 or Z v.4 for limited space?

    Pretty sure I stated very succinctly my original post what I wanted you to tell me, did I not? As to your opinion I don't see how that's really relevant. People rarely ride in the back but I wish to have the option if need be, not that that should matter one bit for the info I was asking for.
  4. SQL_Volvo

    X18 or Z v.4 for limited space?

    Seriously not a single response in over 24hrs on the manufacturers own supposed forum? This place has gone downhill I guess...
  5. SQL_Volvo

    X18 or Z v.4 for limited space?

    Looking for suggestions on which sub would be better suited for my situation. I have right at 6 cubes after all displacements, figuring on 82 square inches of port tuned to 33hz. Power will not be an issue with either sub, current plan is one or two PPI Black Ice 1800s. Electrical will consist of 270A alt and 2 D3100s. Going into a very well deadened 99 Ram Quad Cab. The reason for the limited space is I'm attempting to keep a small seat area on either side and run the enclosure centered on the back seat, seat bottom to ceiling. With that setup the only wat I can realistically pull it off is to have both sub and port forward. I figure I'll center the sub between the front seats and have the port at the top parallel to the ceiling. Not sure if that will work well or not - this will be the first time I've installed anything in a truck. I'm assuming with the cabin area I have and the excursion of these subs it should be pretty nasty - that's the goal anyway, loud, low, and move a lot of air. Any ideas or suggestions wil be greatly appreciated.
  6. SQL_Volvo

    My System

    For $350 (if you shop around diligently) you can score a decent comp set AND a 75-100X2 amp to run em AND the materials to build a simple sealed enclosure (which is all that really is.....it just has a fitted baffle screwed to the front of it). A skill saw, jig saw, measuring tape, screw gun and a pencil are all you have to have to do it. And you'd learn something in the process As you have it outlined now, you will have a decent amount of bass and stock speakers on h.u. power....no offense but that 's gonna sound just like pure chit. Especially with no deadening either. Do you want something that sounds good, something that is loud, or both?
  7. SQL_Volvo

    New Fi or AA vs AA Avalanche

    Agreed. I cross mine a 63hz@18db. How does the Havoc compare on the low end? Louder off same power?
  8. SQL_Volvo

    New Fi or AA vs AA Avalanche

    I have asked this question a few times to no avail....starting to make me wonder if its bein ignored on purpose.Posts 19, 23, & 24 Anyway. I am trying to ascertain what line/model of subs from Fi/AA would be an upgrade for me. I love the sq and low end capabilities of the Ava....don't care for the steep roll off up top but it is a trade off that is worth it if you have outstanding midbass. How does the SSD, Q, Havoc, etc. stack up. I would love to hear from some of you that have had the opportunity to hear all of them (or some) and the Ava. I know I am currently overpowering the hell out of my Ava, (Sundown 1500) and would like to possibly go with two 12s or another 15 but there are too many choices lol. My main concern is spending the dough to only find out I haven't really gained anything. Opinions Welcome...thanks in advance.
  9. SQL_Volvo

    Havoc vrs Fi Q comparison

    Can I get an answer?? Opinion, anything....damn.
  10. SQL_Volvo

    Question about my 15 inch Q

    I'd rather have a used Sundown than a brand new Hifonics with a warranty
  11. SQL_Volvo

    Havoc vrs Fi Q comparison

    Anybody have an answer to this??
  12. SQL_Volvo

    Havoc vrs Fi Q comparison

    Nick (or anybody thats heard both), how does the Havoc compare to an Avalanche? I'm in the market for a new sub for another car. I absolutely love my Ava and wouldn't ever get rid of it, but I also have the itch to try something new....
  13. SQL_Volvo

    assassin 8 recone

    Paypal sucks donkey cock. I imagine Scott would be happy to take a Postal money order
  14. Steve - Freaking phenomenal workmanship on this one, as usual I have gotten so many ideas from this build it's not even funny man. Bigtime kudos on sharin this chit, we are all in your debt for that my man. I'm a contractor (flooring) by day, and have wife, kids, dogs, etc......where in the fuuck do you find the energy it takes to do this kind of a build on top of a day job yo? Lolz....come on mang give that chit up!