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    I like my beats fast and my bass down LOW.
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    2004 BMW M3
  1. angelme261

    12" Icon questions

    I'm considering purchasing a 12" Icon. I'm currently running two 12" Infinity subs with a Kenwood amp (KAC-9105d 900w rms x 2ohms) and need to know if it has enough power to make this Icon sound decent? I want to upgrade amplifiers but don't have the money for everything right now. I would run this single Icon in a sealed enclosure (I'm not a big fan of "boomy" ported enclosures) and would like for it to hit hard on bass drums, accurately reproduce bass guitar, and respond well to industrial and electronic dance music *I know, I'm asking for the moon* the occasional drum and bass ect. . . all being able to be heard going down the freeway with all the windows open. So, loud I guess? I could buy another Kenwood in the future since these are strappable amps going up to 1800w rms x 2ohms but it wasn't currently in the budget. Thanks for your time.
  2. angelme261

    Hello from WA

    Just wanted to say hi. Obviously, I'm new. . .
  3. angelme261

    How did you guys find SSA???

    I stumbled across SSA after browsing through other boards. One of there members was trying to choose between 6 different subs. The only one in the list they seemed to really like was an SSA Icon. So I looked it up.