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  1. FocusOn20s

    2012 focus with some bump

    I too have a 2012 Ford Focus. Bit of advice. With your LOC, you want to wire into the rear speakers. The front speakers have terrible fall off below 38hz, and the bass between 38-42hz is completely gone. No output whatsoever. Not that it's important now since you upgraded the HU, but just so you know
  2. FocusOn20s

    my order..please help..

    you aint doin shit but spreading your legs.. on a "fixed income"... stop me if im wrong.. pop another kid ojt and buy another sub.. stop bitching here... take ur dumbshit to china... where sundown is made.. im sorry but why they fuck are you on here bitching and whineing.. you read the wait time when you ordered the subs.. and if you didnt you should pay more attention to your money.. also its tax time. so obviously people are gonna order more shit.. because all middle class people such as myself wait for tax time to have some spending money... not to mention the fact that your ordered sundown audio shit from a ssa website... "slap in the face" ... why not order some real shit like some zcons or some evils.. honestly I hope you never get your shit.. fuckin chinese retarded bullshit.. might as well run kicker... lmao... get loud Im sorry but what an idiot The Sundown X and Z series are being made in America. LMFAO asshat
  3. FocusOn20s

    Bassink's 2014 Fusion

    lol that's bomb Feel sorry for that poor 2014 that's about to get torn apart lol. I still feel bad after 2 years of having my 2012 Focus when Im ripping her apart, and beatin down the block haha
  4. FocusOn20s

    FI Q12 sounds horrible

    Due to OP having a Low Qts sub in a sealed box, wouldn't that have adverse effects on the sound?
  5. FocusOn20s

    Fi Q 12 terminals

    thanks. All I needed to know
  6. FocusOn20s

    Fi Q 12 terminals

    well I already have 8 gauge wire in the box from when I had 8 gauge direct connects on my other sub that I sold. So just wanted to reuse that wire instead of having to buy some 12 gauge wire when I could use that money on some food lmao yeah. I know there's no gains but read ^^^^
  7. FocusOn20s

    Fi Q 12 terminals

    Anyone running 8 gauge speaker wire into the terminals?
  8. FocusOn20s

    Dual 12'' Fi SSD's with standard copper coils and cooling

    are you willing to seperate the subs? if so, how much one for shipped? 225?
  9. FocusOn20s

    power wire

    for welding cable, the OD will be 1 gauge smaller, but the internal diameter is right on par with the same gauge. My 2 gauge welding cable fit just right into the SHCA 4 gauge terminals
  10. FocusOn20s

    First car, desiring first sub

    Hard drive recently failed on me so I lost all my pictures. Good thing for YouTube tho. Here's a little video
  11. FocusOn20s

    Dcon time. New Photos & Info

    man oh man those Dcons are pure sexiness 3 Dcon 10s surely sounds good right about now
  12. FocusOn20s

    First car, desiring first sub

    nice. I too have a 2012 Ford Focus. Don't know what Im gonna be running yet tho. Had a DC Level 3 15" in a 3.25cf enclosure tuned to 30hz. Boy oh boy did it have my poor car shakin.