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  1. rps13joe

    !!! Sundown SA-8 v.2 PRE-ORDER !!!

    Just curious if your email is full jacob, I tried emailing about a quote for 2 to hawaii.
  2. rps13joe

    Had a Problem with my Truck Today

    2 days ago I replace the PCV elbow on a 4.6L 05 ford expedition, as Jcardin mentioned that too is a notorious know problem on a lot of ford trucks as well as the DPFE sensors but those 2 items from my experience doesnt cause a vehicle not to rev over 1500. the PCV issue can cause stalling issues due to the unmetered air and the DPFE is for the EGR which causes mainly rough idle due to it activating the EGR at idle when the EGR is meant for highway crusing. Both of those 2 common issue pretty much give you a rough idle but cleans up at higer RPM's so its highly unlikely since those 2 would illuminate you check engine light and a fuel pump doesnt.
  3. rps13joe

    Had a Problem with my Truck Today

    I'd have to say its the fuel pump. IDK how many ford rangers I've done that had the 4.0L engine which is the same engine in the Explorers but they are notorious for fuel pump problems, I've done IIRC at least 6-8 ranger fuel pumps and 2 explorers fuel pumps. As far as your voltage dropping its also can be related to your fuel pump again, being most cars have a set minimum idle of 750rom +/- 50 rpm from what I know as your engine starves for fuel your engine will of course lose rpm which in turn slows down your alternator and causes a loss of charging system output. But thats just my 2cents. hope you fix it.
  4. rps13joe

    Got my PSI Passive Radiator -- What For ?!

    Just curious if U would recommend these for the first gen SA8's as well.
  5. rps13joe

    Top 10 Speakers

    wow nice find, IM just curious does anyone know of any differences between the Pioneer Premier TS-D720C and the regular Pioneer TS-D1720C? the specs are identical its just the premier is like $20 bucks more. just thought I'd ask and see if anyone had any info.
  6. did you set ur gains with the subwoofer control at +15? I agree, your distorting everything at the head unit. +1, maybe 2 should be plenty for bass if used at all, I keep mine at 0. Treble is your opinion, but I keep mine at +/-1. Edit: On my head unit, (CDA-105), I always use the SUB W. control to increase bass while keeping the EQ the same. The bass knob also helps, but you can get great bass while leaving your EQ settings near neutral, and IMO sounding cleaner (better). I did more research and it says to set sub control to max +15 for alpine decks.
  7. alright thanks for all the info guys, sounds good to me I shall try those settings out first +1 or +2 at most. and I dont have a bass knob for that amp too. But yeah? if im having problems I will post a thread and I'll be sure to read M5's links prior to posting.
  8. M5 if you have something in mind on how I should be setting up my system im all ears man,im still fairly new to this and im still experimenting with my setup. Thats why im here to learn. Thanks CrazyKenKid yeah its understandable. slim142 its not muddy at all, its pretty bright if you ask me a little to bright. But like I said its all experimental right now, still learning the ropes
  9. I used a 50hz test tone recorded at 0db. my deck is set at +15 for the sub, +5 for bass, and +6 for treble. And my amp should do rated power, its a memphis belle 16-ST1300D 300watts @ 4ohms. But besides that theres no real concern about setting my gains up I just got confused as to why JL said to set ur gains with everything FLAT. But thanks for the help! I just needed 1 more person opinion on that.
  10. From what I learned in this forums. When setting your gain, right before you do it, you set your music the way you want it to sound. So for example, if you want treble +3 and bass boost +1, set that first, then set your gain. The reason why you dont do it after is because you could have your gain right, but then you decide to go bass boost +2, you are going to clip your signal almost instantly and cause damage. By setting your bass boost/treble first and then your gain, you are making sure that the bass boost is not going to cause any clipping, of course, your gain might have to be set a little lower since you are boosting the bass from the headunit already. One tip: you shouldnt really use bass boost. Components/coaxials are not "cool" with low frequencies <100, so many people here would suggest you leave your bass boost alone. thats the way I have it setup, all the bass, treb, etc set where i want it and then set my gains. I just was confused as to why JL says to set them flat prior to setting ur gains so thats why i got confused. But thanks for ur input. Anyone else? lol
  11. I have a quick question as well regarding the SSA amplifier gain setting tutorial, I understand the process to get ur required voltage and all but what really gets me is that the "original poster" says to setup any sound processing up prior to getting the required voltage. For example +5 BASS, +3 TREB, etc. But on the external link to JL's gain setting it says to set everything FLAT or zero prior to getting ur required voltage. Which to believe? . The way Im thinking is that U would go about it is JL's way, then setup the bass and treble etc after. Since the 50hz test tone is recorded at 0db puts high demand on the amp from what I've read, but most music isnt recorded at 0db so theoretically the amp wont be seeing the required voltage on music right? So thats where im lost. Right now I have it setup the way the SSA tutorial way all sound processing done before getting my voltage and it sounds really shallow, my 6x9's have just as much bass as my sub Anyone else have input on this? thanks.
  12. rps13joe

    Sundown SA-8 Pre-Sale

    awesome I got my email today! looking forward to playing with these little buggers haha.
  13. Hey everyone I was just curious to see if anyone on here run's these amps or has had experience with them? I just installed mines today and it works like a champ, its used BTW but I was wondering if these pigs usually run on the hotter side? After about maybe 30 minutes of play time after hooking it up it was kinda hot, not hot where U couldnt touch it but not really warm either. So after about an hour and a half worth of playing its still working, it hasnt gone into thermal protection mode, But I was just curious if this is normal for this amp? But then again it is 2 amps in 1 chassis. LMK if anyone has input. thanks
  14. rps13joe

    Looking to buy a AX-5600.

    I dont mean to thread jack or anything but I've been looking for one of these amps as well. by any chance would U know if U have more than just 1 lab sample?