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  1. klee7013

    My Nissan Frontier Build

    Been knocking the bricks off these subs for over four years. Just tore up one of the cones last night during a random demo at the gas station. Now i got to see if recones are avaiable. But i think i might upgrade and try two of the x-8s and do a rebuild Last few months i have been overheating my amp for my door speakers so i might upgrade those as well.
  2. klee7013

    Is there a way to bypass SYNC system in fords.

    Ya i understand. He doesn't even use or know how to use the sync system. Didn't know if there was a way to take it out of the equation and use a different harness. He doesn't mind the money part he just wants it fixed. Thanks
  3. Dads got a ford 2009 f250 super duty that has got the disc changer with sync system. He took it to the dealer and when he got it back the cd player was f***ed like they shoved a disc in there and it got stuck. Of course they said they did not do it. So i am going to try to install a new head unit do i have to wire the sync system back in with the expensive harness or is there a way to bypass that If you got any info or ideas on this please let me know i thought around $100 is high for a wiring harness Thanks Kevin
  4. klee7013

    !!! Sundown SA-8 v.2 PRE-ORDER !!!

    i got 3 of the original sa8s during preorder. and they have been running hard for over 2 years. thinking i might have to order a few of these. Thought i was gonna try to make a boat this summer looks like i might be sweating in the truck doing fiberglass work again nice looking sub as always
  5. Been a long Summer. Be ready when everything slows back down some.

  6. Only one week in to summer school and i hate it. A little over 9 left. Good thing is i will be done in the fall.

  7. klee7013

    Which terminals?

    Going to finally bite the bullet and purchase a 5100r for my truck what terminals would be the right ones to add to my order? thanks kevin
  8. Lets go paint some goose decoys. Damn what a boring Friday night :)

  9. Woke up a few hrs ago from a nap, and thought it was thursday morning.. be glad when school is done

    1. Ohjay


      I hear ya, I'm taking this summer off. I've got an Intersession class though for about 2 weeks after the reg. semester ends.

    2. klee7013


      Ya spent all night last night writing three papers, came home took a nap. woke up and freaked out because i have another one that is due tomorrow that i didnt start yet. 4 more days of class then Exams Alright

  10. klee7013

    What is the Best way to put a logo on my box

    Woops Wrong Topic
  11. klee7013

    Sir-Lancelot's 18" Zcons

    are You coming to Myrtle any time soon i got to get a demo i have been waiting to long
  12. klee7013

    Mac Miller's New Mixtape

    got a few days ago. Some good stuff i got it on my jumpdrive in my truck:)
  13. klee7013

    Sundown Neo-Pro 8 and 10 (Midrange)

    cause paper beats rock duh i dont know either so dont feel alone
  14. Life just took a turn. Don't know which way up or down. Time will tell.

  15. klee7013

    '10 Nissan Frontier / SA-8s

    Looken good man. How do you like the memphix 6x9s. Also come check clubfrontier.org some great guys and pretty much any thing you can mod on the truck is in there