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  1. i just PM you pm me and ill give a price, i am a mmats dealer! pm me and ill give a price, i am a mmats dealer!
  2. has any 1 ever used Lanzar's optidrive series amplifers? if so, what are the some helpful reviews on it. is it a good amp with low THD does this amp put out what its ratted? can you let me know if it is a overall good amp for subs will this thing get low and still stay warm?
  3. i know it is baby power, but i have to still be considerate cause of where i live at, and uhh you cant wire a dual 2 ohm sub to 1 ohm only .5 and 2 ohms. dual 4 ohm subs are able to do 1ohm to 4 ohm. and i only want to use 1 amp to power my subs and 1 for my highs/mids no need for 3 and 4 amps its not needed. i need a amp strong enough at either 2 ohms "preferred" or .5ohms
  4. hey, i have 2 12" sundown SA'12's soon to be 4 or 6 in total. they are all dual 2 ohm subs, i wanted to know if any 1 has any suggestions for a amp that will give at least 2000-2500 RMS @ .5 ohms or 2 ohms and no more than $400 plus shipping. let me know if you have something your selling under these terms and or let me know if you know any amps that are able of doing the job for my system. thanks