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  1. bona

    thanks scott

    i think they are pretty cool i was just shocked when i opened the package cuz i saw a light grey shirt and not the dark grey shirt but im cool with it thanks scott
  2. I was wondering if anyone on here uses or dislikes the powerbass xa3000 and if you use it did you have any problem with it. i already have an orion 2500d on my sub but i also have had this powerbass sitting in my room because it was in protect mode and a local repairer said he couldnt fix it. i just want to see if its worth fixing i only bought it for 150 bucks and would it be better than the 2500d?
  3. bona


    been lookin at this now i joined toget in on the action and wanted to say sup dude
  4. bona

    spl show results fi cleans house

    thats right they rock
  5. bona

    How did you guys find SSA???

    my podna's told me about it so i decided to sign up