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  1. johnnylemoine


    scott, can u get back to me with some info on this?? i sent PM and email. thanks
  2. johnnylemoine

    Memphis 16-ST1000

    thanks mrray. sounds good to me
  3. johnnylemoine

    Memphis 16-ST1000

    good idea
  4. johnnylemoine


    thanks man i appreciate the response and info.
  5. johnnylemoine

    Memphis 16-ST1000

    ok kool thanks, lets hope he sees this
  6. johnnylemoine


    bumpin it just to get it to the top, i know they are busy.
  7. got a couple of memphis 16-st1000 amps and i was wondering if they can handle a .5 ohm load for burps?? anyone have any knowledge? all info is greatly appreciated. thanks
  8. johnnylemoine


    can FI recone a kove audio armageddon 12 inch sub? looks like kove is no more and a buddy has some blown subs layin around. scott ill probably send u an email and/or PM also.
  9. johnnylemoine

    donk forum??

    bag that mofo, put it on the ground lol. it looks better than most donks man, i have to say. im a fan of laying frame or body. 255's fit on 8.5 inch rims perfect. 245 fit on 7 or 7.5 inch rims i have 255/35/20's on my boss 335's 20x 8.5 with +25mm of backspacing, tuck real nice on my 94 chevy silvy.
  10. johnnylemoine

    Joe's wall build

    nice truck bro, u gonna be at scrapin the coast this year? i would like to see ur truck in person.
  11. johnnylemoine

    Electrically supporting 16,000+rms

    i have to say, i tried calling iraggi a bunch of times to get work done on my alt. bearings went out in it, he answered once a while back, never again. i brought it to an alt place close to me to get it repaired. but sounds like the bearings are goin out again. its also a 200 amp and cant keep up with A/C and my 2 viair 380 compressors. drops to about 13.5 and thats above idle. compressors only pull 35 amps together. and i have 2 optima deep cycles, group 34 and group 31. maybe i should have gone with powermaster...
  12. johnnylemoine

    missinglinkaudio ups your voltage

    i have a 200 amp alt on my 94 chevy silverado, its an iraggi, but it has trouble keeping up with my 2 viair 380 compressors for my air bags. i also have an optima yellow top group 34 under the hood and a group 31 in the cab. i thought this would be enuff to keep up but it cant with lights, compressors, and sound on at low rpms. sound isnt on loud. 1/0 wiring for amps, 8 guage for both compressors. have anything for me or are u just talkin more about getting over 14.4 voltage for spl comps??
  13. johnnylemoine

    2 20's vs 1 40?

    dam canaan, u change boxes more than i change underwear.
  14. iraggi alts. i have a 200 amp, im pretty pleased with it. wish i would have gone bigger though. i think u can only find em on ebay. just search iraggi on ebay, his screen name is trafficjamz.
  15. johnnylemoine

    recone SSD

    email sent thanks scott.