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  1. waited at least 45 business days, twice. (two Xcon 15") But well worth the wait!
  2. Well I tried FedEx/UPS calculator (generic estimation), but they're both asking $200+ What is your zip code? I can try again using more accurate info...but shipping to Hawaii not looking good.
  3. That's a good question, never shipped anything to Hawaii before. At least not something this heavy? I guess I would add $20 (each) just in case...anyone have an idea what it might cost difference? I'll see if I can load the package size/weight into UPS/FedEx website and see what it would cost.
  4. Still for sale.
  5. pm sent
  6. Yes, $350
  7. $650 shipped.
  8. Yes sir.
  9. Very surprised I still have these, im practically giving them away at this price. Not much local interest as folks around here dont know much about ssa. Getting a bunch of craigslist low ballers. Im not that desparate to sell! But thought this a good price, Im puzzled.
  10. $650 for both shipped.
  11. Still have for sale, if any interest
  12. I liked it, very nice. Video quality is great too.
  13. Willing to ship USA Prices are shipped prices. Used Xcon $350 (no enclosure) New Xcon $400
  14. I have a buddy of mine making me a box to ship in, so if any interest I can ship....will add $25 to ship each sub. Will be packaged like this http://www.*****.com/board/topic/73641-how-to-ship-a-subwoofer/ great deal for excellent subs. Shipping is for sub's only, will not ship sub enclosure as it's so big.
  15. Believe mine is 2nd gen with American flag where your hole is...mine has no hole.