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  1. Very nice! I want to get my wife a radio with Carplay too! Excellent job on that enclosure! wow.
  2. 1400rms @ 2ohm vs 2000rms @ 1ohm, would be splitting hairs. Not to mention the amp would run more efficient at 2ohm, with less chance of any [more] strain on your electrical. You gain the extra 12" cone surface, while not risking electrical. Thats my $.02
  3. Call it a day.
  4. No, stick with your 2ohms. The amp you linked does 1400rms @ 2ohm. This ^^^
  5. There may be other ways to wire (beyond my knowledge), I just go by the wiring diagrams here: http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_configurations.asp
  6. You can wire a single dual 2ohm sub into either 1ohm or 4ohm two dual 2ohm subs can wire to .5ohm, 2ohm or 8ohm
  7. wiring for two 2ohm subs, your options are .5ohm, 2 ohm or 8 ohm. (Unless you go the amp each sub route, but not necessary) I think youd do well wiring for 2ohm, you can find a good class D amp (I have a Hifonics amp I used at 2ohm @ 1400rms). I doubt youd notice a difference between 1000rms a sub vs 700 rms a sub plus will be easier on your electrical.
  8. something like this might work: 2.4" depth https://www.parts-express.com/morel-msw-265-shallow-classic-series-8-composite-paper-cone-woofer--297-008
  9. Thanks! Still needs some EQ work, but I'm getting there.
  10. Yeah, I will probably leave them alone. The black looks good, but the contrast of beige/black stands out while driving and can be slightly distracting. Definitely took some getting use to. I am using an e3io CarPC via Optical to a Mosconi 6to8v8 dsp.
  11. My buddy Alex made the pillars, and he happened to have a friend who does auto upholstery in NC, so the vinyl wrap was no problem. They look really good in person, and the color match almost exact. Though it took some getting use to pillars while driving, gave me almost a tunnel vision feel but that has since gone away I don't notice them as much anymore. I thought about and tried a beige speaker grill cloth, but couldn't get the grill back on. I might try painting the grill, but for now Im ok, they still look so good.
  12. Hey if the size and mounting is similar to the L3v2's and you need someone to give a review I'd gladly accept a pair.
  13. Thanks!
  14. I think if you made a nice 8" midbass that wasnt too deep for most doors, that could play low 50-60Hz range at a fair price point you will have a winner. Im thinking along the lines of a JLzr800 Also a 3" or 4" widebander...might even attract the sq crowd. Im not even using tweets at the moment, my midranges from 350hz-20k ... Also helps I can't hear above 16k anyway.