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  1. grayta

    Music Edit Program question

    Awesome, thanks for the help and def let me know. I already know how to work audacity so I would hate to switch to another program lol
  2. grayta

    Music Edit Program question

    Yea something like this.... It starts at about 50 seconds, the song starts to slow, I think its really cool and I edit most of my songs to mid 20s so instead of the whole song being slowed and waiting 30 seconds to hear any bass lol it would be cool to have it slow after it starts regular progressively.
  3. Sorry if this isn't the right topic to put this into but.. On YouTube I see some demos to where the song starts regular then starts to slow down into an edited slowed down version of the song. I have audacity and know how to edit and slow and blah blah but is there an option on audacity to do this or is there another program you could recommend me, perferably free lol
  4. grayta

    grayta's 2012 Ford Focus Build

    Found it off Amazon. They have everything lol.
  5. grayta

    grayta's 2012 Ford Focus Build

    Yup! .5. My subs are D4s so they are running @ 1 ohm. Its a pretty bad ass amp. Haven't had a lot of time to listen to it. Just enough time to hook it up and tune it to see if it works lol. I'll let you know tomorrow how it is.
  6. grayta

    grayta's 2012 Ford Focus Build

    Alright here are some more pictures!!! Not the best because my camera sucks but.... yea.. lol I also need to remove some black tape I had up when I sealed my trunk off.. BTW SUBS ARE FORWARD AND PORT IS ON DRIVERS SIDE With the broken SAZ 2500.. A BOX! LanzarOPTI4001D Wired @ 1ohm Installed More pics and video soon, still need a picture of the wiring in the back.
  7. grayta

    grayta's 2012 Ford Focus Build

    Thanks! It's about 5ft3 before displacement.
  8. grayta

    grayta's 2012 Ford Focus Build

    Thanks! I am not sure where he got it, I will ask him next time I see him. It moves a lot of air, my rear doors and trunk flex like crazy. lol I will have to take a video soon.
  9. grayta

    grayta's 2012 Ford Focus Build

    Close up of the wires and terminals in the box.. Some bracing.. 10" Port.. Final product.. I will take some pics of the box in my trunk soon.
  10. grayta

    grayta's 2012 Ford Focus Build

    I sold it to some dude who randomly showed up when a friend and I were switching boxes at US Audio lol. I need much more port area too, another reason I switched boxes. In the new box the subs face forward and the port is to the drivers side. Thanks, I saw your build too. Awesome work on it! I love these subs haha. My fav/best subs by far! It's def my favorite sub! The biggest and baddest 12 I have ever had lol. They are def low end monsters, it plays from like 25Hz to 35Hz pretty flat, its awesome. Thanks for looking I will have pics up soon.
  11. Like it for what?Because you don't have to use your brain! And all the pretty lights. Nice one...
  12. It's been repaired and i bought it refurbished as well. It's changing the polarity of my subs at a certain level. A couple of my buddies and myself thought it was the previous box and loading issues. Everything is set right on the amp and I have checked the headunit and everything. I have read online it might be a signal issue. I'm going to try and switch amps and see if it's the sundown amp for sure. If it's the sundown amp I may just get it repaired and sell it and keep the lanzar. If it's something else I may just return the lanzar, we'll see
  13. grayta

    grayta's 2012 Ford Focus Build

    Nope had a friend local help me out
  14. My sundown is acting up so I was looking for different amps. I just got a good deal on a lanzar opti 4001d. .5 and 1ohm stable.
  15. grayta

    2012 Chevy Sonic

    Because I have never seen a 6th order!! Haha. Jk I just think it would be really cool to see a 6th order in a trunk. It's a good idea too for a single twelve in a trunk on his power. But that 142 was on like 600something watts clamped. It's really impressive for one 12