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    It's been awhile but here's some progress:
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    For the price I give these 5 stars and for an audiophile tweeter I would give them at least 4 stars. Doing mild tuning still and these just get better and better with mild boosts and cuts (.2 db here and there) crossed over at 3750 Hz in kick panels powered off 2 channels of a Zapco Z-150.6. Brings up 20k and does not fluster and is EXTREMELY tunable. I have had SEVERAL other tweeters from Hertz, CDT, Image Dynamics and so far these are the best.
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    Test fit on the tweets. I have to say these things are stout! Very well designed & assembled. I am very impressed by the build quality on these tweets.
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    Have to still add some filler for the imperfections before painting.
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    I come on this site because I want honest information about all things car audio. I am NOT interested in manufacturers pimping their wares, making outrageous claims, and saying anything just to sell more products. I'm sure the owners of BOSS audio tell their customers that their amps CAN do 5000 watts. Thank you M5, no thank you Second Skin.
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    Welcome to the very first 8” sub worthy to wear the SSA logo. A decade of reknown SSA signature sound that is pure, warm, and precise, while having tremendous output that is now finally availble in the new SSA F8L 8” sub. (Pronounced “Fatal”) Vicious in looks, and pure beef in build, the all new SSA F8L 8” sub is an absolutle tank just like every other SSA sub, but finally in a compact package. Conservatively ratted at 650 watts, right off the bat, you can tell the SSA F8L means business. For the serious mechanical side of the design, the SSA F8L employs a very powerful motor with dual high strength Y35-140 oz magnets protected by a motor boot, yet the inductance is kept in check as the F8L touts a full aluminum shorting ring. To handle some serious power, the 4-layer copper coil is a 2.5” round wire that is 45.9mm high. Keeping everything under control for a wide array of conditions, is a pair of Nomex spiders and a dual layer high roll foam surround. As with all SSA subs, the SSA F8L has a non-pressed pulp paper cone. The large spring loaded push terminals make wiring up easy and quick, while the high tinsel count leads can carry plenty of power to the copper coil. For durable and consistent performance for years to come, the SSA F8L was designed to stay cool under the harsh daily abuse. With cooling spacers allowing extra air flow to the coil and motor, and a vented Aluminum former, you will never have to sweat the thermal limits. Doesn't matter if you are doing an arsenal of subs or a single sub for adding some clean and powerful bass in a small space, the SSA F8L will most certainly get it done. Port this little monster and send it some clean power and you will be hard pressed to hide an evil smile. With out question, SSA F8L is a killer choice in the world of the high end 8” subwoofers. Features: Rms: 650W Cone: non-pressed paper cone with wide roll foam surround Former: vented Aluminum former Voice coil: 2.5inch- 4layers high temperature round wire copper coil with 45.9mm widing height Motor: Y35-140Oz magnets with Aluminum Shorting (Faraday) ring and motor boot Spider: Dual Nomex Spring-loaded Push Terminals Attached high tinsel count leads Cooling spacers Dual 4 ohm Specifications: Fs: 32.1hz Re: 4ohm Qms: 4.31 Qes: 0.27 Qts: 0.25 Rms: 6.7 kg/s Cms: 0.17 mm/N Mms: 143.5 gr Bl: 20.8 N/A SPL: 82.6 db Vas: 9.7 L Rp: 57.0 ohm Lp: 70.0 mH Cp: 496.4 uF Le: 3.16 mH Sd: 201.93cm² Box recommendation: 0.55 cubes @ 31hz (after displacement) Mounting Depth: 6.5"
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    We are finally back to building subs, and what better time to release all new models! These new subs have upgraded cooling, carbon caps are now standard, wood crate shipping, upgraded wattage handling, and upgraded motor force! #MadeinTheUSA http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/categories/subs/shop-by-brand/soundsolutionsaudio.html
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    So I got home and had a package waiting for me. I picked up the 4 channel ssa amp when there was that friends and family sale going on. I was always on the fence about em but once that sale kicked off I just had to pick it up. Loved the pics of it and in. Person this amp is beautiful and has a nice strong solid build feel to it. Im replacing my hifonics Zeus 2000.4 amp so I can't wait to hear the quality this amp puts out. It it will be powering a pair of 8" Rockford pro audio. A pair of Rockford punch 6x9, pair of the ssa evil mids. And evil tweeters. Just thought id share. I don't see much of real hands on experiences with the amps.
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    Short run sale on the SSA amps. $100 off per amp. Just use the coupon code at check out: "SSAFriendsandFamilyamps" SSA IC150.4: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/ssa-ic150-4-600w-4-channel-amplifier.html SSA IC2200.1: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/ssa-ic2200-1-2200w-mono-block-amplifier.html Runs through 9/29/17
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    The tweeters are heavy, they look nice. You want to touch them, like a high end product. Congratulations. Smooth, accurate, more musical than my old Focal tn52. I'm still listening to those new SSA tweets with a good smile on my face !
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    Some recent photos at Slamology 2017 when we debuted the SSA IC150.4 and SSA IC2200.1 amplifiers. If you are wondering why Scottie Johnson of XS Power is holding the monoblock, that is because there is XS Flex OFC wire inside (see bright blue contrast to red board).
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    Long time member ... mainly in the Random posts .. and once in a while I have advised or helped a fellow member but this will be my first real build log. Photos will come way later but I'll post up my equipment. Currently own but not installed: PPI DSP88R (might do a mini-dsp instead) Zed mikro4 RF T500-1bd Eric Stevens mini horns SB Acoustics 7" mids (model no. escapes me) 15" Xcon d1 Soon to come: Build a ported box around 4cuft tuned close to 30hz
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    Is that an attempt to miss lead people to buy things they don't need? Gaslight others much?
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    I have treated a whole floor with dampener and luxury liner pro. Reinstalling the seats was about the hardest thing, but was not impossible. At worst you will have to shave away the foam right at the seat mounts. Are you attempting to stop road noise, engine noise, or panel vibration? I have a hard time believing that car has much road noise or panel resonation, but would believe the engine noise. I could be wrong, but that is subjective opinion. As there will always be noisier and quieter cars. Please tell me you're not falling for some marketing pitch like "as quiet as a coffin". Because that is not possible, but lowering particular audible sounds is. So if you really want everybody's help I would suggest narrowing in on the what particular noises you are attempting to lower!
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    We would love to earn your business, give us a call with any questions you may have. 443-345-1537 9-5 EST
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    I'm going to be an uncle again!
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    Some pics from my space cruise yesterday, for you flatlanders. Mt. Sopris^ The top is only around 9500 feet iirc. Is an extinct volcano...The crater is the bowl between the far left and middle peak. The far left peak partly covered with clouds in the inside face. Cool thing with this pic is the largest herd of elk in the area cross the foremost field on their migratory route. They migrate in a big oval their whole life, crossing the same place approximately every three days. Where I am standing is the other edge of the oval at its skinniest point. (hunters everywhere lol) The closest ski resort^. Fun fact. Aspen was the first ski slope in the area, after being a mining town. The Olympics choose to train here in 1940 and the rest is history. Was a hippy town until the 80's, Would be hard pressed to afford to live there now a days. lol LOts of hott bitches though. THis^ mountian is not Aspen. More Sopris! The Indian legend is once you see this mountain in person you will not be able to leave the area. A pic into the canyon that's the other direction.^ (east)And the third direction. ^I live between the last set of mountains in the distance. (west) Hope ya'all enjoy now.
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    We are very close to releasing an all new ZCON! #ArriveLoud http://www.SSAudio.com
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    As I want to get some more of these little monsters out there to our #SSAFamily, we are going to do a $25 off coupon code on the SSA F8L through Halloween. To go along with the Halloween theme and play off the name a little, the coupon code is: SSAF8L25HALLOWEEN http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/f8l-8-sound-solutions-audio-8-650w-f8l-series-subwoofer.html Yes, it is D4 only, but D2's are in production now and hope to have them before the end of the year.
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    So after 4 months of waiting I finally revived these baby's. It's such a relief and a long wait coming lol. Can't wait to pick up a taramps 8k to push these. And build my box also. These things are super heavy and beffy and beautiful. Really stiff. unfortunately i didnt didn't receive my tshirt or any stickers for that matter that's a bummer I was looking forward to that sick black shirt. And I took out the wooden things that help keep the sub protected during shipping.
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    And the comment on the spacers, well, I feel the exact opposite. I've seen some other "higher" end drivers that have just used stacked washers. I am happy to see a proper spacer. I think they'd look better if they were black, but FAR from something cobbled together.
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    Doing some custom tweeter pods for evil tweets for a guy that I work with. Evil 6.5's in the doors and evil tweets in the sail panels. Here's the before pics.
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    Picking up my door panels from the salvage yard tomorrow. Yes, all four doors. Hoping to start on my dash pods soon housing a four and tweet combo. Think I'm going with eights low in the doors.
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    I am not sure where to start, but they took a number of queues from a few VERY durable, well established, high end amps. We were not going to throw something so expensive and risky out there that wasn't a dead on certainty that they will be reliable and perform. Benefits are long, as in how stout they are, the board design, the proven tech, the well done heat sink, the part choice, the foot print, the design, the durability, and so on. Yes, I know much of it is seeing these in person to see and feel how nice they are. When we debuted them at Slamology, the reaction was awesome. They are heavy for their size, that is due to the thick heat sink. Heat has not at all be an issue in extensive testing before production. I'm not saying you should change your IA amp, they are great also. These are simply an outstanding option in the higher end amplifier market (see our subs, our mids, our tweets, all high end pieces priced very well that people need to see them perform to see how good they are) and we have priced them very competitively, and they are under ratted.
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    Had a blast. Was hot as shit, and errrryone got burnt to shit,... but, fun was had by all. Burb ran better than it ever has in every way. Did all events (Psyclone, DB drag (meh) and bass race 599) First in all. Scores where hurt bad on our 30s runs by the hole, but, it did a new high on the burp (meh) , even a few clicks down, ... we couldnt be happier with how its running. On our 30s runs, the engine ran great set at 2k rev....and didnt sound like it was gonna toss a rod out the block at the end. Couldnt be happier with how its all performing, such a good feeling after all the work. Thanks for the look, hope to meet/see some of you in the lanes some day. My favorite thing about it all. Get out, be safe, and just have a damn good time. Enjoy
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    Thank you sir. I did, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciated Jared, hope all is well. Thanks Travis. Thank you sir. Thank you. Lindsey will want to come along and pick out. Thank you, I appreciate it. 'Tis a big number, thank you. That is what I tell myself. haha Thank you. Thanks, it was a fun night downtown.
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    First 3x is now 7 days away. The rear is looking great, best ever actually. Fun time is now amps and wiring a coming. (well probably have about 4 seconds of testing on it before the show, but meh,.... were really solid on points from finals last year, so, all shows will be "test/tune" time for us through out the season. Fug it.....
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    Some pics of the Continental Divide I took last night! its the snowy ridge in the far distance for anyone that doesn't know what they are looking for. And to the left a little from the first one. And to the right from the first one. This ones not zoomed in, but is all three from above in one shot. These ones aren't part of the Divide, but still cool. (and massive) One zoomed in a little. This one is the right peak in the photo above, only from a different mountain top about 30 miles west. And these are the mountains behind the one above, taken from behind this mountain.
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    Loving my front stage! Been listening to Prince, Earth Wind & Fire & live recordings lately.
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    Still waiting on pods to be wrapped, small amount of progress:
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    They just arrived tonight!! First few orders will be shipping tomorrow.
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    Sorry I have been slacking, the car has been painted and now heading to the dyno for tuning.
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    I was informed we should have them by May 10th. I will update more as I have more info.
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    Here is a sneak peak at the Team EVIL 5000w RMS Subwoofer by SSA® that we have been working on. Official photos to follow.(Size Comparison next to a F8L) #ArriveLoud http://www.SSAudio.com
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    Got a ton done today, everything is in and playing, i'll post some photos, then grab a few video's of it later on today. A huge thanks to Drew @bassahaulic Productions for the enclosure design on a moments notice also!
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    There might be 1 or 2 Dcon coils left for that version. So if you want to order, do it asap. The new Dcon (or what ever we call it) is completed, we are waiting until we have the funds to kick off production.
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    Trying to decide what color to paint the port . Probley just black
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    It's a hardcore full tilt 22 watts rms on the front right channel for the right tweet & about the same for the left tweet which is ran off the front left channel. It was about to storm that day with high winds and random cracks of thunder in the near background. The pressure was on to get the install done. I buckled down and knew it was my time to shine! In closing, once the radio powered on and some mild tweeking of some settings all of my efforts were outshined by the total awesomeness of the clarity that flowed from the SSA Evil1 silk dome tweeters. Was truely an epic moment that brought smiles from ear to ear.
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    Yes, and shrinking the box will reduce the peak in output around tuning and flatten your frequency response. This does come at the price of reduced peak output though (before you add more power). Sizing a box is is all about balancing the trade off between getting max peak output (a large box) and getting a smooth frequency response and good sound quality (with a smaller box). There isn't a single "best" size. It's always going to depend on what kind of performance is most important to each person.
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    Summer travel box: just a test fit for pictures will put together by the weekend, always wanted to try dual slot ports. 1.5c/f @32h for Zv.4 10".
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    I made some kick pods that can actually be kicked, but I won't appreciate it if you do it intentionally during a demo. This is the vision with the little Beyma 8BR40 in place. Layed up some glass. Made some kick ass rings with some simple steel mesh grills. I'm using some threaded wood inserts and 8-32 button head cap screws to hold everything down. After some blood, sweat, and many many many tears I got some pods made. After a fresh coat of rubber undercoating I mounted the pods to the kick panels. The final install More pics can be seen here: http://s1005.photobucket.com/user/onebadmonte32/Suburban V3/Kick Pods/story Moar updates coming up.
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    Just out of my experience, the design you have on the port has yielded you a very poor output. With the numbers you put up & equipment, you cou do far better with a simple redesign of your enclosure. The port design is killing your output. With a dual common chamber you should never increase then decrease port area as you have done in the design. Modeling the design with such a dramatic change in the flow on the port is next to impossible to accurately model. You should keep the port equal throughout in the design and you will put up higher numbers on output. I managed going from 146 up to a 150 on 2-15" Icon (3500rms @ 32hz) just by redesigning and testing about 6 different enclosure designs. Change the internal net volume and port volumes, then adjust tuning to accommodate you vehicle peak. After that, model the enclosure to find a comfortable preference on the tuning to accommodate your response graph.
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    They treat me great. Answer my phone calls, texts, and emails. Try this one if you haven't. Support@ficaraudio.com You should get a reply with in 24 hours. Maybe check your junk folder also.
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    Check this 12 out!!I can.e across this 75 lbs 12 in sub off a guy who has a nice collection.I got it for$300 !! Couldn't pass it up.He also has two Dreadnaut 15 in subs and an mmats amp I'm trying to get off him next but yeah the dude had never hooked this sub up!!He developed some health issues and has seizures all the time so he was never able to get a box and hook it up.So man I got real lucky I saw this sub on offer up and low and behold he lived like 5 blocks away from me!!! I don't know when I will use it cus I'm getting ready to install my two 18 in Zcons but I'm sure I will figure something out!!!
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    Damn, Jon and Justin?!