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  1. SacredTanakh

    2013 Chrysler 300 4 18s Walled

    This build has been a long time in the making, it’s had a lot of setbacks but now that things are finally getting interesting I figured I’d make a build log. I’m gonna get straight to the chase here’s the current plan for equipment. Car: 2013 Chrysler 300 AWD (X) Processing: Pioneer 80prs () Helix pro mk2 dsp (X) Amplifiers: 2 Crescendo 17ks @ .5ohm (X) 2 Sundown Salt 500.4s @ 4ohm () Subwoofers: 4 Custom Fi SP4 v1 18s dual 2 (X) Speakers: 12 Sundown Neo Pro v3 8s 4ohm () 6 morel 378s 8ohm (X) Electrical: Singer 270 (X) Singer 370 (X) 100ft GP Diamond Clear 1/0 (X) 4 JY lithium 40ah () (X’s mark what I currently possess) The whole goal of this build is to hit 160dbs or higher below 40hz on music outlaw. I will dump money into it until it reaches that goal. I’ll update soon with pictures and more information.
  2. SacredTanakh

    JBL Crown A6000GTi Car Amplifier (~12,000w rms)

    Thanks guys, I really don't want to sell it... Hopefully it all works out and I wont have to. Id love to run this in my car at least once but I haven't been given the chance to so far. Its honestly worth more to me personally then 1500$ but you gotta do what you gotta do. :/
  3. One of the biggest and most powerful amplifiers ever made. They didn't make very many of these so they are quite rare. one was recently tested by oldschoolstereo.com and made over 12,000w rms between the two channels at 1.6ohm per channel. Here is the link I recommend watching it as he goes into the history of this huge amplifier. And here is the manufacturers underrated specifications: Output Power at 14.4V and ≤1% THD+N (CEA-2006): 2 x 2600W @ 4 ohms 1 x 8110W @ 4 ohms 1 x 7400W @ 1 ohm S/N Ratio: 65dBA (1 Watt, 4 ohms) Effective Damping Factor: 6.39 @ 4 ohms Freq. Response: 10Hz ∼ 270Hz (-3dB) Fuse: 600A internal (external 500A minimum) Dimensions: 29.38" x 23" x 6.5" (74.6cm x 58.4cm x 16.5cm) Weight: 88 lb. Only selling because I'm moving agian and need the extra space. The top beauty/mounting plates are in automotive primer ready to be painted to match your build. Condition is excellent. Price is $1500 picked up in the Dallas Texas area, or best offer, don't bother low balling Id rather keep it to be honest. It's only going to gain value considering how rare these amplifiers are getting. I would be willing to ship it if you cover the costs for shipping. Call or text me for questions: 907-227-8213
  4. SacredTanakh

    Sacred's 300 Rebuild

    I'm actually really impressed and happy with it. It had no lows whatsoever at first but as they are breaking in its getting a lot better. The box isn't even close to being finished, but I wanted to test it to make sure I'm going to be happy with the tuning. I'm pretty confident that I hit my goal of a 157db outlaw on music. I will show you guys pictures of it when I can do the finishing touches to the wall. If you guys want to see a much cleaner build log of this I started a thread on SMD, this one has gotten a little messy.
  5. SacredTanakh

    Sacred's 300 Rebuild

    I absolutely loved my 18s. SP4s have such a flat response in every box I've put them in, and in a direct comparison to Btl ufos, and Zcons, they were definitely louder. So it was a no brainer as to which sub I would choose. Although... those Team Sundown 15s were calling my name... lol but more than twice the price.
  6. SacredTanakh

    Sacred's 300 Rebuild

  7. Splitting the 5v outputs isn't too bad, 2.5v will be plenty. The gain will just be higher. Which as long as you have the proper RCA routing, and good grounds, you shouldn't have noise.
  8. SacredTanakh

    Sacred's 300 Rebuild

    I unfortunately haven't gotten anything done on the build... or even sent the leviathan in to get repaired... But the subs have shipped, and should arrive in a week looks like I have a week to finish the wall. Also I got a job at SoundWorks AK, so although I'm making alot less money, my skill in this craft will improve greatly.
  9. it's all about the box guys.. if you want musical cut down on box volume, tune on the lower end and experiment with box placement. If it's a wall a top port flattens out the response a ton In my experience. Sure you lose efficiency but ususlly it's worth it for the average person for that extra range.
  10. SacredTanakh

    6 sp4 18s, 6th order, lots of glass and plexi

    What did you use for paint in the box? Nice build, if I had an suv I'd be doing something very similar with sp4s
  11. SacredTanakh

    Sacred's 300 Rebuild

    Sure balls haha, more like stupidity. Killed my baby.. my pride and joy. They sounded amazing, and insanely loud at that power level. The other 10s were on there way too, what a setback.
  12. SacredTanakh

    Sacred's 300 Rebuild

    Ok so if you buy a leviathan do not wire it bridged to 2ohm... Bad things happen lol...
  13. I would ground the amps to a distribution block and run several large grounds off that to the frame in one spot. You want a single good ground to avoid noise in the system. At least this is my opinion.. others may have different opinions..
  14. SacredTanakh

    Sacred's 300 Rebuild

    I had to take a 2nd LOOK thought that was factory....nice doorsThanks guys, It came out really nice. It really surprised me though how amazing they sound, wayy better then before. Wired them to 2ohms bridged on the leviathan just to see what would happen. With impedance rise it sits high enough that the amp doesn't protect... So that means I'll be running 1200w per door.. 600w per Neo pro. They take it like a champ.
  15. SacredTanakh

    Sacred's 300 Rebuild

    Got one door panel done today. The big thing with these was to strengthen the door panel, so I started with 3/4 maple. Filled in as necessary and wrapped with thick leather. After some sound deadening and bracing im going to fill it with polyfill.