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  1. ATX.WeenR

    Suggestions from AMPERE & friends

    Ok so I've now exhausted every alley I have for finding these specs and like you said (don't get me wrong I didn't think you were lying) there ain't shit out there in the way of even a suggested box that might be ok much less T/S parameters for me to plug into winisd etc. to figure it out on my own. And short of spending a 99.99 dollar bill plus shipping which would be more like a 120 dollar bill for an analyzer device from partsexpress (which don't get me wrong I'd cool AF but I shouldn't need to buy) I won't know what to do with this speaker except to just look at other speakers in the same lane and just hope I'm getting as close as possible. Which I took your advice and emailed the manufacturer but the fact that there is nothing just sucks! And I shouldn't have to go to those lengths. I hope this doesn't end in a video on YouTube of a smoking 8" sub with the name AMPERE framed in flames with a thousand comments by unsatisfied customers flanking said clip!
  2. ATX.WeenR

    SSA Evil 6.5 Opinions & Info

    I appreciate the help very much. I appreciate you taking the time to explain your take on the specific product I came here asking about. As for my intention for use with this or any other speaker (or anything else in life I purchase) is to get the most out of it and enjoy it to the extent of it's engineered capabilities. I like my music as well rounded as anyone with a somewhat tuned ear and I am not someone with deep pockets to be able to shop for boutique speakers or anything else for that matter. Just like when buying my newest guitar setup last year I took some time and looked at the brands and models less recognized by the common Guitar Center aficionado. Sure Orange makes a good amp but they tend to fit a smaller niche (to reuse a word I've noticed here a few times) and my niche and someone else's might overlap somewhere but I have a broad enough style that I don't want a one truck pony. Long story probably longer I ended up with a name brand amp but that's beside the point it was the most versatile and the best sounding amp I could get for the few hundred bucks I was willing to spend on a practice amp. So now I own a hybrid Vox amp that is as good at playing a clean tone as it is to cranking out a thick bluesy overdrive and everything in between. So I understand your call for asking me what respect I intend to use these but trust me they are going to be used and likely pushed fairly hard at times but never overpowered and I tune all my amps to their specs as best I can with a meter and I even set them according to their tested voltage (cranked and running if specs say anything above 12.5 volts and most definitely when they call for 14.4 volts to match a birth wattage reading) all that aside I listen to a variety of music and that should have really no bearing on it because I'm likely not using any frequency range that is not being used by anyone else here so if that was intended in surveying of my use of the speakers I find it a futile point at best. But yeah, I'll likely be pushing them hard on occasion. As cleanly as possible and as of right now I've got a single Sundown SD-3 12 in a custom vented enclosure in the trunk of my "classic" Lexus currently on around 500 watts but soon to be a bit more when my VFL Comp 2K gets here (thank you SSA). SO I'm currently looking for something that will handle the honest to God midbass situation because I would like to get a driving low end that happens to like outside of the 200 hz "sub bass" spectrum. I mean if 'A' above middle 'C' is 440 hz that is the open second string on a standard four string bass guitar tuned to a standard universal tuning that leaves roughly almost 60 more "true" notes on the fretboard not to mention semitones and harmonics both natural and artificial blah blah blah... All the way up to the last note on said instrument which is actually way into the mid-range band. But at least 2/3 of the notes on the fretboard of a bass guitar are capable of producing more than just the thin tonal response many speakers on the market are willing to call adequate. To me adequate just isn't getting the job done. I want a midrange speaker that has balls as much as it's cousin in the trunk. I know that I don't have to spend $5000 for a set of Focal Utopia 3-way components to get a good sounding setup, and I'm willing to spend some money on what I need but I'm just asking about the Evil 6.5 because it seems to be a speaker popular with other people on this board. Maybe I should just ask the board what niche they all fit in so as to keep from typing so damn much next time. If I were to be an Evil 6.5 owner what would I look like and what would I be listening to? What would my goals and aspirations be and what niche in society am I filling? I obviously have been going about my mobile audio purchases all wrong!! LMAO Note: im not busting anybody's balls but I ask the same respect in return. Good to meet you all. If you're ever in Red Texas in Blue Austin give my 'neutral gray'& ass a shout! I love meeting new people... Thanks again guys!
  3. ATX.WeenR

    Suggestions from AMPERE & friends

    Yeah I'm aware... I just wanted to see what the specs were honestly. I think more than anything the speaker size is intimidating and if I could slide a box that could work better with a smaller sub in her car I could likely get away with it rather than dropping a 12 in there even in a smaller box. If I could make use of 1.5 or less cubic feet for a bandpass box I might just try it but I think I'm just gonna keep the whole build on the small side. I would just hate to sacrifice any sound quality for the sake of half a cubic foot. If a vented box could produce a better band for only the cost of a small amount of space I'm willing to try getting it past her.
  4. ATX.WeenR

    Suggestions from AMPERE & friends

    Oh yeah man and I went with the 8 because I am dealing with space restrictions and the types of music preferred by my girl greatly varies so I wanted a versatile yet strong presence and I've had a pair if 8's once in my younger days and they were just the ticket with my own musical tastes at the time and they fit my trunk well. I only upgraded after I found some free-air 12's that I wanted to try. After building a super tight baffle in my trunk separating my cabin from the trunk space I turned some nay sayers around and sent them packing! That was one setup I was REALLY REALLY proud of! Maybe because I had so many dudes saying free-air subs sucked! Lol Anyway, yeah eights because I can't use much of the already tight dimensions without being in the dog house.
  5. ATX.WeenR

    Suggestions from AMPERE & friends

    Lol that sounds very unenthusiastic. What's your story Tirefyr? Sounds like you had a run-in of similar proportions as mine.. you get anything resolved? Ever feel like you got what you needed?
  6. Hi forum folk, I'm here tonight to ask about a topic I've never discussed before. Only because I had never seen them before I came to SSA and now that I've seen them once I've seen them a thousand times! The topic of the SSA Evil 6.5(sp?) Is one that I see on this forum with a turn off every "page" and it seems like many of you SSA-ers have gone to some lengths to assure you were among this elite crew of car audio enthusiasts. So what is it about these speakers that is so awesome that you're willing to wait out their build and restock? Granted they are inexpensive mid-range drivers in a sea of likely overpriced mid-range speakers but I want to know what sets them apart! And I'm asking because I really genuinely want to know! I too need a pair of good speakers that can fill in that midbass range where I know there is some "ass end" yet the speakers I have are only giving me a taste of mid-range presence. Hurting for this frequency I have gone on some impulsive spending sprees and come up far from empty handed yet unfulfilled. I've got two pairs of different Fosgate 5.25" coax and full range speakers, a pair of Pioneer 4" speakers that have about as much depth as either of the RF speakers and finally I've got an older discontinued pair of infinity components that are about as close to what I want than any other set I've found. My current issue is financial and it's going to be a minute before I can feel justified again buying any extravagant audio gifts for my car. I didn't say that I would be stopping my quest for a good high quality midbass driver at an entry level price just that I'm tired of throwing good money after... Good (I work too hard for too little, all money is good money) on speakers that I spend hours carefully prepping and mounting and then amplifying and tuning just to be disappointed... It's an embarrassing ordeal for me and the last thing I would do is yank them out and take them back because I was the one to make the impulsive decision to buy them rather than do something like, oh say... Ask a forum if like minded individual's their opinion. So long story even longer! I just want honest opinion of these Evil 6.5's... has anyone put them in a box? Sealed? Ported? Foam baffle enclosure in your door or back deck? Anyone??? Anyone?? Beuller? Do they BUMP out that midbass or is it thin and tinny sounding? Somewhere in between?
  7. ATX.WeenR

    Suggestions from AMPERE & friends

    Aaron, thanks for the help. I do have specs on the space I'm looking to put this sub. I have an honest to God maximum and a desired volume mapped out. The two are greatly different but depending on what the outcome might be I am willing to sacrifice a good but of trunk space for sound quality and overall response just in general. I'd love to be able to hit every audible frequency this sub can handle at peak performance but I'm not an engineer... Yet... And even if I were that's a very tall order. TIREFRYR: Yeah I was getting kinda pissy not finding much in the way of T/S parameters or even suggested enclosure dimensions, but I'm trying to refrain as much as possible. I do understand that this isn't Pioneer and that to me is worth a little extra work . Too much more extra work is gonna be ridiculous but I expected a little. I mean as we know they have the info on these speakers so what is the big deal with sticking a slip of paper in the shipping box? Am I right? Thanks guys!
  8. I wanted to ask if there might be someone who has a good trusted box design for the "Ampere Audio-2.0 RVE 8" 300w RMS Subwoofer" as seen on the SSA Store? I'm mostly looking for a single size smaller box and with this 8 I'm hoping I can still build a ported box that isn't the size of a coffin! I'd even be open to a good bandpass or even 4th or 6th order box given it we're a tried and true plan. Not that these boxes fit into the idea of small but I'd still be interested in seeing what anyone might have to offer. I'm new to winisd and would really like to run some more projects of others and see them on a build platform before trying one of my own from graph to trunk. Please feel free to toss all the help you have got at this subject. I appreciate all input greatly!
  9. ATX.WeenR


    Before I even look to see if anybody even READ MY FREAKING ENCYCLOPEDIA (misdirected) ANGER-ICA I want to say this: I got a ring at my doorbell this morning and my friend who was sitting on the couch said delivery. Which I was thinking "yeah right, what am I expecting!?" but in hindsight he must've actually seen my doorbell camera and the dude wearing brown because he opens the door and turns around with.... A small AMPERE AUDIO BOX! I was shocked, and saddened that just 12 hours prior I was on this forum half arse talking smack so... To anyone that might feel slighted, I ate crow this morning and I have a dentist appointment to remove size 48 Birkenstock from my clenched jaw Monday morning. Still no amp, but I didn't even get a notification that this speaker was on its way! Thanks everyone that made this speaker happen. I noticed that it was shipped from an address labeled Ampere Audio in Texas... You know who you are and thanks!!
  10. ATX.WeenR


    Ok I'm a customer and quite possibly a customer of a different nature as many others on the forum. That's only that I took advantage of the offer for financing. I honestly am only assuming that not many of you do this but it's just speculation because it's the first time I've done it and I order stuff on the web all the damn time!! Please don't take my thinking this as me being elitist or feeling that my pay is an exercise in snobbery! Lol Anyway, I got my financing approved and had already picked out 3 items I wanted to purchase so I finalized my order. Aaron was there to answer my email about taking advantage of the freeies they offer on orders over $500 and he was happy to help me square my t-shirt away and get it shipped out on the right size. That was great as I felt like everything was going great and I knew I had the attention of the SSA team and that my needs weren't going to get lost in the shuffle. Sadly since then I keep getting this feeling that my needs have in fact been lost in the shuffle. I received one of my items and the T-shirt... That took almost two weeks well now it's been two weeks and counting and I'm still waiting on an amp and an 8" subwoofer which is the bulk of my order. My correspondence has only yet been met with a kinda vague promise of future fulfillment. At this point I'm wondering what I need to do or what my next step is. Granted I didn't get the Express shipping but I would have thought that two plus weeks would be ample time to deliver my order. I be mean at this point I would think SSA would be more interested in getting my order out and the expense of shipping at a faster rate would be less on my end but picked up by them. I feel like I'm getting second rate service. Everyone there has been cool so far even the people at the company that does their financial packages have been cool. I only used this service because I was hoping the small loan would benefit my credit score and right now it could use a bump. I just bought a house and the couple cards I have I've had maxed out once or twice trying to keep a high account balance for the mortgage company to see. (Talk about a freaking headache buying a house sucks! Lol) but if I had known that I'd get better service paying up front with MY CASH I would have. Or at least put it on a credit card or something. I just can't see that being the issue because financing doesn't affect SSA they got the full amount from the finance company but I just don't know what else could be holding up my stuff. It looks like everyone else got what they ordered not just in time but quickly even! Had anybody else has any trouble recently?