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    Playing music. Guitar, mandolin, bass, drums. Listening to all styles of music! Working on creating the best sounding audio to ever see a vintage Lexus GS 300!!
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    1995 Lexus GS300

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When I visited The Simpsons in Springfield, USA:

tony-simpsons.jpg.13ef80ccada0fff5b99f835e71cc2984.jpgI've been into car audio since buying my first car at age 15. After a handful of builds I ended up proudest of the infinite baffle subs that got a bunch of shit talk prior to the building of my first free air baffle. Sealed up nice and tight these things were truly impressive! Then life began shortly after that and my extra cash was never great enough to warrant any real car audio. But now with my renewed interest I'm totally going for the best sounding audio possible yet I want to be able to turn up my bass knob and bounce the next vehicle over, trying to flex, up on the curb!! Lol... Thanks to Aaron my system is finally sounding legit!!!

Enough said: