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  1. dB Don

    No joke this is a saz 1500 v1

    It is a version 1 amp.
  2. http://youtu.be/1t8onY0QjEY
  3. dB Don

    Sundown SAZ-1500D in the Blazer......

    lol I agreed with you guys yes, but you can't say any one way is better than the other. And not once in my life did I ever sell anyone anything more than they needed just make money on a product. Actually I wasn't even a salesman I was the guy doing the install and I usually saved them money with what I learned over the years. I even would tell customers to return items that were vast overkill for what was needed. Anyone who has talked or worked with me will agree I am sure.
  4. dB Don

    Sundown SAZ-1500D in the Blazer......

    So as you can see there "IS" a right and wrong way to do people requests of getting louder but you must first have all the information or you fail even before you have started. In all my 20+ years installing I have been spot on when I know all the information about a request. If you notice one common thing among all answers is if you have any budget left over it has to be put into the cabin and getting it to be supportive of the bass, getting back gains just from sealing holes or deadening a cancellation from moving panels can make bigger gains than adding power or cone area in some cases so it always needs to be a third option. There's no need to over-complicate things when you know all the information from a request, so if you see guys asking how to get louder ALWAYS ask for all the information first.
  5. dB Don

    Sundown SAZ-1500D in the Blazer......

    Ok so here are a few examples: 1. Guy comes into shop, he has a minivan his mom gave him for his 16th birthday and he has a 1000w clarion amp and two 10" craptasic ten inch subs. He says he does not compete and will give up whatever space is needed.... "I want to be louder" he says but cannot afford another alternator or batteries. -What do you recommend? 2. Guy comes into shop and is a regular street competitor but already has say, two DD95 series 12" subs and a 2000wrms amp. He cant go more subs because he is limited to a couple 12". -What do you recommend? 3. Business guy comes into the shop and wants a kick ass loud set-up but doesn't want to give up much space past a sealed single 12" in the rear corner, and will never compete. Money is no object and its a 1994 fully restored acura integra hatchback. -What do you do? Each case has a guy who wants a louder system but more cone area is not always the answer. Tell me what you would do in each case and I will tell you if your correct or not.
  6. dB Don

    Sundown SAZ-1500D in the Blazer......

    Also keep in mind when you buy more power you have to buy more supply power as well. More batteries, wire, alternators, etc...... So what Alton's point is if you can add cone area, explore that option before you decide anything else, unless your limited by a certain class restriction. That's all ya need to say Alton
  7. dB Don

    Sundown SAZ-1500D in the Blazer......

    In reply to the cone area is king comment I would have to say that there is a time for power and lots of it and there is a time and place for cone area over adding power. Learning what situations call for when wanting to get louder, lower or whatever is the real truth. I can explain if anyone needs. My vehicle qualifies for IASCA middleweight class I am limited by four 15" and the Stetsoms got me a 157+ and if/when I ever see a certified show I want to knock it out of the park. That's why I need more power. The N3's were not limiting.
  8. dB Don

    Sundown SAZ-1500D in the Blazer......

    I am clamping just a hair over 3kw so that's a lot more than most will get from this amp. And I run it at .35 ohm (rise to 1.3 ohm) so that and the 18 volt account for the increase over 1500 wrms. So it's more like 750 wrms per subwoofer.
  9. dB Don

    Sundown SAZ-1500D in the Blazer......

    Well it's no where near as loud as the stetsom 7k's but who really drives around with 162 dB all the time. This will do me just fine till I get my new amps!
  10. I apologize for my crappy filming and editing skills, my talents are elsewhere.
  11. dB Don

    Team Fi audio?

    Where is the "like" button.
  12. dB Don

    The Difference..

    Oh shut up Nick! You had me at "Make speakers in the states" Great post!
  13. dB Don

    Fi owes me a new windshield.

    Sorry bout the third video it got cut off for some reason. Anyway this show was a 161.3 dB drag and 158.7 bass race. I think I could have had a better start but it is what it is right
  14. dB Don

    Big time winner thanks to AA/Fi

    yes he is the youngest one to come out this year to shows I think he is 19-20 and his system is relatively small. Goes to show others that you don't need to be the loudest to win you just gotta be dedicated enough to stick with it and go to every show. Something tells me he will upgrade soon. He says thanks to AA he is motivated to go bigger next year.
  15. dB Don

    Big time winner thanks to AA/Fi

    He has a single 18 on 2kw and has gotten 147.4dB and constantly wins 129.9 bass race. If I had to add up his miles I would guess 3000 miles.