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    Video Review: ZED Audio RA

    I bought the new V2 version of the Zed Audio RA... It's full din size now. Has more functions, new face plate and knob's plus it has 3 more knob's for adjustment now, the face plate does not hit the knobs now. The line driver has plenty of power, my gains were set to minimum! Opening it up I see some high grade components.. All the bug's have been worked out according to Zed. Ive only installed on the bench just to get familiar with it.. It doe's everything Zed says it doe's now! It can really help tailor the sub's sound to just about any system I would think.. Ill come back and edit in a review when I get it installed.
  2. freshkryp69

    RA size?

    The Zed Audio RA has been re-engineered a V2 , It has 3 xtra knobs for adjustment and is also a full DIN width now and still half DIN thick. Feels like a solid piece, quite heavy for a sub-freq EQ. Ill update with video when I get it install! I cant wait as Ive never had this kind of control over the sub bass region..
  3. I own the aq3500.1v2.. I must say it puts out the numbers and then some. Sounds great with music, about as defined as im gonna get at this power level.. So for a class D it's been my fav so far. I have inspected the circuit board for faults, the kind the mass production in Korea would be of the norm and I haven't found 1 cold solder joint, not 1 through hole that wasn't filled with solder. Good retention of the big components like caps, filters, torrids etc using hard silicon glue. Super thick traces cover the amp I think it's a 4oz board.? Lots of good parts get the job done.. I just recently had the amp installed on 1, 12" RE Audio XXX 3.2 @ 30hz ... Pretty serious thump for 1 12" !! Way louder by ear than the US Amps usa2000 I had on it, It had been gone through so it was not stock, but admit the US Amps was a lot tighter.. Ill be able to give a more indepth review when I upgrade to 2, 15" custom Neo's and another aq3500.1 amp so I can strap them suckers and see how they can take the abuse! It IS my design more powerful than a BC3500 from Crescendo. The AQ3500.1 is a 4300+ watt board that will max out well over 6000 watts, Ill never be running 18V B+ so I wont see those power numbers... Im ok when it's putting out around 4500 watts.. All in all it's a very solid amp for the money! Cant go wrong with buying it. I've read positive testimonials for months and AQ seems to be getting better as the company gets older.
  4. Was up, Ive been here a bunch of times and just now am I starting to post, This forum has changed and I like it, vs when I originally signed up..I mainly hung out on the OG PG Phorum, DIYaudo,Diyma,sd etc under the same user name of Freshkryp69, Ive sold tons of amps on ebay but haven't in awhile (sick of paypals shit).. I Had another kid in 07 my beautiful daughter and I put everything on the back burner audio wise, but kept most of my equipment for that one day, now my kids are 19 & 6 in school full time so now I have time to play again! In my noob days I thought I was the shit for figuring out that the $15 roll of asphalt based Peel-n-Seal worked great for sound deadener , or so I thought at the time! Untill the 3 layers on my roof made the headliner sag from FL heat hitting the roof, and coming unstuck from everywhere I stuck it. The dam price of Deadener has "sky rocketed" for no apparent reason since my last install. I bought 200sqft of "Fat Mat" for $200 shipped from ebay. Now for anything decent its $175-200 for 100sqft and you'd be lucky if it's really 80mils! WTF gives? The usual, "it's selling like hot cakes so charge more"..? Only a few advancements have been made in sound deadening and that's due to material used. What I had back then is the same shit as they have today, aluminum/butyl, anything with reasonable cost is made from the same materials. Just twice the cost now.. Up until 07 I had a slammed 98 Dodge Avenger v6, I had +200sqft of deadener installed, from top to bottom,front to back.. dash out and everything. The doors had up to 7 layers total of deadener, to achieve that sweet thud when being shut and NO rattles, (inside of outer panel x 2 layers, inside and outside of inner door panel, all 3 places it should be on a door), double up everywhere else. Yea I know I went over board, but that was the point! Made a Huge difference, I need that much coverage to get those results, it changed the whole car, the experience driving it, a lot less road noise, which needed to be realized to justify all the sq amps,equip etc I was buying. I have 2 ID-Max 12's but wanted more output. Then I made the a decision that completely defeated My SQ goals by buying in 06 a RE XXX D2 12", I had a enclosure made, 2.8cf @ 30hz and 2 usa-2000's (green boards) 1 on each coil, It was pucking nuts! And completely over powered my 2 way PRS comp's and imaging tweets I had up front, all being amp'd by 3 Orion Nt200's. The point is, nothing rattled except my sunroof, which broke the tracks and fapped like no tomorrow.. Now I have a 03 Silverado etx cab will a fiberglass bed cover, one of the nice one's that lift up in the back with the help of gas cylinders painted the same color as my truck. And now I'm set out to do a "Blow Thru" 4th order, it's the only way I can do anything and keep the rear seat is to use the entire bed for equipment with a blow thru setup. And now I'm back to the first thing that needs to be done, deadening again, and I'm just not seeing the justification for 2 x the cost for the same product. Anyone know where to get 200sf for $200? Later Brad
  5. Id be down for buying a dual bracket for a 03 silverado! Are you going to use AL or mild steel?