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Found 40 results

  1. walwalka

    walwalka's 2010 civic build!

    Hello, Here is the car itself.... Here is my build log for my 2010 honda civic LX, when I bought this car I started with a pair of Alpine Type-E 10's in a prefab on an Alpine MRP-M500. Then I upgraded the door and rear speakers with Polk Audio DXI650's and an Alpine MRP-F300 which I also use in my current build. After that I moved to an AB XFL 15's on an Audio Technix AT1200.1d. This log will reflect my current state: DC Power 180 amp alternator XS D5100R under the hood Northstar NSB-AGM24M in the trunk Audio Technix 1/0 OFC run to the trunk Knukonceptz 1/0 OFC in the trunk Sky High Lugs and RCA's Alpine CDE-HD137BT Crscendo RTS-1 tweeters Sony mids Alpine-MRP-F300 bridged at 20Vac for 100wrms Soundqubed HDS312's in a sealed 5.02^3 enclourse(Yes it's too big, fixing it tonight!) Soundqubed Q1-2200D Audio Technix 60mil deadener Here is the DC power alternator installed, I have recently changed the belt so that it doesn't slip at idle when it's raining anymore. The new belt is 1/4 shorter as the DC pulley is the same size as the factory pulley. XS Power D5100R with tool maker terminals Big three upgrade in all Audio Technix silver tinned 1/0 OFC Now to start ripping all the old stuff out.... Car was really dirty at this point... Summer semester was killing me, but I needed some work on my hobby time. I really didn't feel like removing the seats and possibly having an air bag light.. Next post will be the install of all the new goods!!
  2. recently pruchased 3 sets up soundqubed pq mids looking for an amp that can power them much like everyone I am on a budget but i do not wish to sacrifice quality for price . Just having a hard time finding an amp that can fit these prequisites. any help is appreciated

    IPAD MINI Cluster Swap Explained

    I answer a few of the questions I was getting about the IPAD MINI cluster mod.
  4. April 13th, 2014 - Noble, OK - Thunder Valley Raceway LOCATION: www.OKThunder.com in Noble, OK DATE AND TIMES: 4/13/14 from 11am to 6pm. Car show registration from 9am to 12pm, judging begins at 11, awards ceremony around 5:30. Race registration starts at 9am, heads up qualifying at 11:00 and 12:00. Eliminations around 1. EVENT ACTIVITIES: Car/truck/bike show, 1/4 mile drag racing, USACI double points stereo crank it up contest, burnout contest (time permitting), vendors, pit midway, and live DJ. PRICES: All spectator tickets and competitor registration forms can be bought on the day of the show at the front gate. Visit the link below to purchase your tickets in advance. Use promo code "IFO" to receive $2 off spectator admission and $5 off competitor registration (race or show). All who purchase tickets in advance will also receive a free trial subscription to Performance Auto and Sound magazine: http://tickets.thefoat.com/ImportFaceOff Spectator $17 ($15 with flier at gate) *fliers printed off computer OK to use - right click on flyer image, print (B&W OK). Coupon only good for spectator admission. Children 10 and under FREE Car Show Entry $30 (does not include free passenger pass). *Note, IFO only charges $30 per car show entry, not $50 to $60 like other events that claim to give a "free" passenger pass. Test and Tune Drag Racer $30 (open to any make/model) Competition Drag Racer $30 (imports and sport compacts only) Burnout Contest FREE Stereo Crank It Up Info: 479-365-8722 or www.SoundOff.org INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: For event status info when the weather looks questionable, call the IFO phone line at 225-247-RACE (7223) or visit this link: http://forums.thefoat.com/ImportFaceOff/sg-forums.thread/th-502 (check for updates the Saturday and Sunday morning before an event - no sooner). If an event is completely canceled after gates have opened, spectators can use their arm band for discounted or free entry (depending on what time of the day event is canceled) into any future IFO. If event is canceled before eliminations begin, racers will receive free race admission into any future IFO. If a race is canceled after the first round of eliminations, payouts are split evenly with those left in the competition. Trophies for each race class will go to the fastest racer of the latest round. Once gates have opened, there are no refunds. This is standard policy for all outdoor events (motorsports or baseball) not just IFO. Do not come to an IFO event if you do not agree with this policy. If gates never open, complete refunds will be issued within 48 hours to all who purchased on-line tickets in advance.
  5. Heisenberg

    HDC3 & HDC4 coil and motor's

    Hey everyone, this thread is me clearing up a few questions I have about HDC3's and HDC4's. These are the two subs in question. (so it's easy to reference ) HDC3: http://www.soundqubed.com/HDC3118-Copper-Coil-Subwoofer_p_25.html HDC4: http://www.soundqubed.com/HDC418-D1-A-_p_137.html We are talking about 18" only Whats the story behind the high Fs of the HDC'4? Was this a non broken in woofer or something? The suspension is that stiff? (equivalent HDC3 is 9hrz lower IIRC) Between the HDC3's copper coil & the HDC4's aluminum coil 1. Can I daily an HDC4 on music? 2. Is there a large efficiency difference? 3.Why is the 4's coil an aluminum winding? Just weight savings and thermal dissipation? is it worth worrying over? Required cubic feet and port area? Do they want the same? & What do they want? Everyone loves pics.. First the HDC3: Then, the HDC4 Lets see what everyone thinks. p.s. Happy birthday M5
  6. SoundQubed


    From the album: SoundQubed Demo Car

    An overview of the SoundQubed Scion Xb.

    © SoundQubed

  7. SoundQubed

    Trip on Route 66

    From the album: SoundQubed Demo Car

    On a trip to a show in Tulsa Oklahoma. We took a trip down old Route 66 and had us a layover at Pops!

    © SoundQubed

  8. SoundQubed

    At a show!

    From the album: SoundQubed Demo Car

    A side shot showing off the Single QP-TH25 tweeter and pair of QP-MR6.5's rocking out in the rears.

    © SoundQubed

  9. SoundQubed

    Sunny Day at SoundQubed HeadQuarter

    From the album: SoundQubed Demo Car

    Right after the wrap was put on the vehicle, just before a show.
  10. SoundQubed


    From the album: SoundQubed Demo Car

    Shot of the Pac-Man style wall at the B-pillar boasting Four HDC315's.

    © SoundQubed

  11. SoundQubed


    From the album: SoundQubed Demo Car

    This was during the build of the Pac-Man style wall. Two Q1-2200's, Two Q4-120's, and a single Q2-200.

    © SoundQubed

  12. So since my first box I have wanted to do an enclosure with no space restrictions. A build that focuses on cone area and low tuning. Subs are HDS200's (ordered one already to see if I like them, I will post pictures here when it gets here) Soundqubed is very vague with there enclosure recommendations and i'm looking for a more specialized design My first dilemma is with the box and is if I should go with a 2x2 pattern such as this: Or a 4x1 pattern such as this: (ported though) My only real limits are what can fit through my doorframe's in my house. I was playing with the RE Box Calculator and I can make both styles fit. I want between 12-19 cubes. (<---cant believe i'm serious with this) tuned low to 28-35 hrz It can be enormous, only one of the dimensions needs to conform to the doorframe's
  13. soslogeo

    2002 Audi A6 Avant

    I haven't been back to the forum in a long while as I have been quite busy with life, so in the last couple weeks i have gotten rid of my Prizm and picked up an A6 Avant (wagon) today. It has the factory Bose radio system already, so for now I will be using my factory radio. I just ordered the "keys" to remove the radio and later in this coming week I will order a hi/low converter. I found a Boss one online for 10 bucks (good idea?). I also picked up a Memphis Audio 16M1000d. Speaker is a Soundqubed HDC3.0 12" And for right now it's in a 1.8 cubic foot slot ported box tuned to 29 hz. I have a few pics of the car itself to start off my build log, and will try to update as often as possible. I'm taking this opportunity to do it the right way since I kinda did whatever it took in my geo lol. Let the fun begin!
  14. gadgetthatninja

    First setup done properly ;D

    This is the initial start to what i like to think will be an amazing set up and time. Between the components I've chosen, too the input needed from the lovely forum members here at SSA. I believe we will make this a real beauty!!! -So let's start off with what's been ordered thus far (2) Incriminator Audio Death Row 15's(2013 model) 1500 rms/Dual 1 ohms(1) Soundqubed Q1-2200D to be ran at 1ohm/0AWG Now for the components still to be added to this final build. I mean when i say done properly, I want the enclosure just right down to the detail, the right amount of power with flow of current/amp hours to take the beating and all around electrically correct for a build, and Sound deadening to be placed in the best of ways( no rattle is good rattle). I'm in process to select my Mid drivers/Tweeters for the build, which i could use some advice on as well, along with the best budget amp for them, not to be forgetting about inline crossovers. As far as head-unit,it lacks importance over other components. As long as it has a decent EQ to play around with, USB, Bluetooth, auxiliary input, and preferably an anti-skip system we should be all gravy. I'm making this build log in hopes for all the right advice, and thank all who are willing to help. The first thing to work on is ideas on enclosures, a budget amplifier for my mids/highs, and what i need to do to beef up my electrical. I'm waiting until the end of December to get my new car which this build will be done in(either a mazda protege 5 hatch 03' or similar vehicle). Once put together i will eventually be upgrading the system to either 4 IA Deathrow 15's or 2 IA Deathrow 18's and on more power. Now for the input?