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Found 4 results

  1. BigDaddy13440

    Yukon XL rear fill speakers

    Pretty much as the title implies.... I've got a 2004 Yukon XL, and I'm updating the entire system. Just replaced my alternator with a 253amp model from a 3500 series pickup (factory option! bolted right in!), will shortly be wiring up a second 1000cca battery. Dual 1/0 runs to the rear, fused at both ends. Currently only running (1) amp, and old Lightning Audio 1001.d @ 1 ohm, will be swapping that out, most likely to a Skar RP-1501.D. Two Powerbass S10-d (dual coil) subs in a 2.7-ish cu ft box built into the rear quarter panel. Tuning is way too low, probably about 24-25Hz. Factory speakers in the doors and rear pillars, will soon be changing them out - probably doing a pair of 6.5's in the front doors, a single 6.5 in the rear doors, and a pair of 10" Powerbass S-10's (single coil) sealed in the front portion of my center console as mid-bass, from 60-150Hz. Will plan on running the speakers and front S-10's on a five-channel amp, most likely Skar's AP-600.5. I've got nothing set in stone for the 6.5's, there are literally hundreds of options - but if anyone has some reasonably priced option, please offer suggestions. My biggest dilemma is figuring out what to put in the rear C-pillars. The factory fill is a 2" or 2 1/2", only about 3/4" deep. I'd like to go bigger, even if it's a 3 1/2" or 4". Would run them in parallel with the rear door speakers, dropping the load down to 2 ohms, the same as the front doors. Has anyone ever seen the C-pillars upgraded/enlarged? I found a pair of PPI Sedona series 4" two-ways, supposedly will handle 60 watts RMS, max of 200 watts. The Skar 5-channel is rated at 90x4 @ 2 ohms, so each would see a safe 45 watts. Thoughts/suggestions?
  2. CanUFeelMe

    Worlds Loudest SKARbage Can!!

    Worlds loudest SKARbage can with 2 sa8's on 2 flatline 7k's Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to my youtube channel for future videos and updates
  3. Looking for a bit of advice on purchasing a new amp/amps. Ill be running a pair of D2 crossfire XSV2 15s tuned around 30hz. My dilemma is whether I would get more out of (ie more power, less rise): A pair of 2.5k amps (probably Skar 2500), bridged and wired to 1ohm each OR A single 5k amp run at .5ohm Electrical is: 2 runs 1/0 OFC (one is knu, other is memphis) and 1/0 Big 3 Kinetic HC2400 up front 3 deka group 34 AGMs in the back (55ah a piece, 750cca) 270a-320a altenator (will be added after amps) Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Dangercdv

    NEW 10s

    My current setup is in a 2000, mustang convertible. Very little room. I am using 2 seperate boxes at about 1 cube sealed. I have a kicker 750.1 amp, powering two 10 inch CVRs. My question is, what can I drop in that will sound better? Of course the cvrs are loud, but after I tuned them there just not where I would like. I am looking for a cheap replacement. I may be able to sell the cvrs to some friends to help with cost. I'm looking at the Sundown E-10, so Skar IVX 10 Would an upgrade be worth if it, if so, what subs should I get? In short: 750-800rms, 1 cube sealed (each), daily use. What to get?