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Need generic User's Guide for 10.4" Tesla-style head unit

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In my 2017 Ram SLT, there is installed a 10.4” Tesla-style Head unit with 1024X768 screen resolution. It looks for all the world like the PhoenixAndroidRadios unit pictured at the beginning of the thread listed above.

The top icon row is:

Navigation  Radio  Music  Console  Bluetooth  Video  AUX

After some time, I accidentally discovered that by swiping this to the left, more icons appeared:

Explorer  Phone  Link  Settings  App  list  DVR  File manager  Camera

Within Settings | About, I discovered this:

Model number RKPX3 (px3 manufactured by Rockchip)
Android version 7.1.1

Nowhere did I see a name of the maker of the Head unit itself. It was obtained via eBay and I have been unsuccessful contacting to the vendor (Funnyhill-Auto). What was left as “documentation (“Product Guide”) is scant, poor English and grammar, etc. and basically useless as a guide. Almost inscrutable ...

Some of the basic touch-screen controls I've figured out empirically but wish I had more/better information.

• Since the layout of this Head unit is virtually the same as any I’ve seen, I wonder if anyone might have a meaningful guide for a Head unit like this, even though not made by the same party. Linkswell makes a great unit but it’s configured differently so its guide isn’t very useful. Maybe Phoenix produces a fairly generic guide that would help.

• As a curiosity question, I wonder what are the key differences between Phone Link and Bluetooth, especially regarding mobile phone use. I get that Phone Link requires that the mobile phone be plugged into a USB port that the Head unit “sees”, whereas via Bluetooth, it’s entirely wireless. But other than that, what’s the difference?? One preferable over the other ??


Any help is appreciated.

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