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Iraggi Not Worth The Money

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Wasn't sure which room to post this in, but this seemed closet to the topic..

Someone made a comment the other day about Iraggi Alternator not being worth the money, shitty work and a rip-off ....
That got under my skin a little because they obviously have no idea what they are looking at, or what they are talking about. I've spent years and years designing and perfecting what we do here and strive to make a "Perfect" product as perfect as an Alternator itself can be.

We go way out of our way to make sure every alternator is 100% and comes out as flawless as it can possibly be. We don't slap stuff together and shove it out the door as fast as possible. Some companies do as little as possible and have little to no respect for Attention to Detail. Those Attributes drive me more than anything everyday I’m here. It must be a challenge to me and me be proud I built it with my own two hands for someone else to enjoy or I'm bored out of my mind and it’s just not satisfying.

Your typical "high amp alternator" can be built in literally 15 minutes, boxed up shipped in another 5 minutes...  (A bare aluminum case and "cookie cutter" style alternator)    At a minimum I have to clean 80% of the parts to be painted, some bead blasted, ...  paint and let dry all those parts, machine the pulley per alternator specs, Machine the decorative Iraggi Signature lines on the front housing, ..  take care the entire time NOT to scratch or damage anything. There is a LOT that goes into building an Iraggi Alternator and we take Immense Pride into our finished product.

The average-minimum build time is 3-4 days for common units, some take more and have a LOT more machining done to them. 
So, when you consider the price of an Iraggi there is  MUCH more to consider, and I haven't even mentioned our One-of-a-kind warranty and programs we offer.
I took a few alternators that are going out and one that probably shipped already and took some close up pics, ..  . as close as I can get anyway and still focus. I person can’t possibly not see the attention and passion that goes into these alternators.  Yeah, I know, I get it, ...  not everyone see's things the same way and appreciates the2068228006_WARRANTYBENEFITS9_2021.JPG.f69e45daff8d2738d0a8fef5418567b3.JPG details...and I do appreciate and respect that  but still...
I have posted a screenshot of our warranty and benefits that are included with EVERY Iraggi Alternator, and no fine print...

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