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  1. ou812

    Ram 1500 crew

    This is kinda what I have in mind. This is an Xtreme enclosure for a Ford Crew cab.
  2. ou812

    Ram 1500 crew

    I happen to have both. I was a carpenter for a very long time. however under the seat is where I'm planning on putting my 2 amps.
  3. ou812

    Ram 1500 crew

    I just bought a brand new Ram 1500 crew cab and I'm looking for ideas as far as the sub is concerned. Has anyone here done an install in a crew cab? I really don't want to go the shallow sub route. I would really like to find a way to keep my Icon 10. I realize that ported is out of the question so sealed will do. I was thinking about building a box to fit on the floor hump between the back seats. then I have to figure out how to mount 2 big a/b amps under the rear seat. Any thoughts?
  4. If it sounds good to you that's what is important. Use that as a starting point and try making improvements if you feel the need. Enjoy your hu.
  5. The auto eq is basically a waste of time. If you really want to try it you might just have to bump up the volume a tad.
  6. ou812

    I'll just leave this here.....

    You do realize that you draw the kind of comments that he made by your attitude. M5 is most certainly not my buddy and I was in fact a carpenter for 20 yrs. To be quite honest if you're using multiple layers and using epoxy to adhere them together I don't see it being an issue. So in the future when you post why not start off with a statement along the lines of......This is my thread! If you want to praise me for all the money I spent that's fine but if you want to question my installation choices or techniques don't bother I already know it all and I couldn't possibly learn anything from anyone!
  7. ou812

    I'll just leave this here.....

    So M5 makes a 2 word observation as opposed to praise and you jump all over him. When posting in any open forum you have to prepared to handle praise as well as criticism. Oooooh flexy IMO hardly warrants a reaction like yours. And BTW.....a stud is in a wall. I think you meant joist? You sound more credible when you use the right words. Another thought.....OSHA is an Ageny that ensures safe working conditions. Are workers in a safe environment? Are they being provided proper PPE? They have nothing to do with what plywood can be used in the construction of a house. That is code enforcement. You don't call Osha to have a framing inspection done on a new house.
  8. ou812

    More power for mids?

    I would do it. Headroom is a good thing. curious how low you're crossing over your mids.
  9. ou812

    just bought new head unit

    IMO the 80 prs shouldn't be capable of running passive nor should it have the internal amp. They should have applied that cost towards a better faceplate. Aside from that it's a fantastic hu. I would most certainly return the ID comp set and get a cheap set of diy drivers to start out with. take the leftover money and deaden the hell out of your doors. that's an investment that you will never regret with whatever drivers you have in the future. Silver Flute mids are pretty dam good for the price. tweets are really going to depend on where you plan to mount them. If you can mount them within 30 degrees or so vifa ring radiators are almost impossible to beat at the price. If you have to mount them off axis they fall on their face. Then you have some choices of dome tweets that all have a good following. Dayton, LPG, Vifa and Seas are some that come to mind.
  10. Take your time and do a whole lot of reading before you run that hu in network mode. make sure you really understand what you're doing. You have the potential for really great sound but you also have the potential for horrible sound and blown drivers.
  11. ou812

    Hertz Mille Components ??

    I couldn't agree more with the previous post.
  12. ou812

    Video Review: ZED Audio RA

    Did he ad a subsonic filter?
  13. ou812

    sundown vs dc audio

    Because brand matching always gets you an extra thumbs up!
  14. ou812

    A sharper alternative tweeter

    I mean no disrespect but it sounds like there might a hearing loss issue.
  15. ou812

    Help with an active front stage.

    http://orlando.craigslist.org/ele/4208926928.html Or this guy.