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    I have been looking on woofersetc for a couple of days now and just can't make up my mind on this. What I am planning on doing is putting some tweeters / midbrange speakers in the back of my suv. I want it to keep up with my BTL 18 when I have the back hatch open. Overall I want to spend around a thousand on everything. Everything that's needed is back there as far as power and space. I was really liking the image dynamic horns, but can't find a lot of technical info about them. I am thinking 4 - 6 midbass drivers and 4 tweeters. I am willing to go active and was thinking about trying hifnoics because i've never tried them out before and they have some good prices. Help is appreciated, thanks.
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    I am sure you can, just build a box and tune it in the low 30's
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    You cannot port a BTL. You mean you cannot seal a BTL.
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    Uhmmm took a while but.............. 1000th post.
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    2 12" Audioque HDC3 running on a audioque 2200d amp at 1 ohms. with this alternator http://powerbastards.com/proddetail.asp?prod=Fitzall-220 this battery http://www.millionbuyplus.com/view_product.php?itemno=KINKHC1800&category=CarAudio⊂=CarAcc&last=CarAccMisc&KINETIK-HC1800 and a big 3 wire upgrade. is all of this electrical upgrade needed to run this set up?? my car is a 98 camry all stock. the alt puts out 90 amps