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  1. I have one positive run to the back. Will that support a 3500d? I have a 3400 with stock under the hood. I am thinking another 3100 in the back. All grounds are to frame to avoid chopping the car up. Thanks for the help its been awhile since I been here.lol
  2. fearlessgangsta

    How hard is it to run a successful internet-based business?

    Where is Texas are you because there are a few shops if your in Houston? A lot of shops start by just selling parts heresay and then blow up so you know it can be done. Pics of said S14?
  3. fearlessgangsta

    Update on my build for Slamology 4th order wall

    I saw this build on another site. I love the pool noodle idea also.
  4. ^ what Alton said. I have 1 volt meter going to my amp just because my car is PCM controlled and when my voltage is 14.0 or 14.2 my stock meter sits under 14v a little. So I did it for reassurance plus I like have as much info as possible.
  5. fearlessgangsta

    Bc2k problems

    Yep I would have no problems getting another 1. If I ever get my electrical setup how I want I might just make the jump to a 5500.
  6. fearlessgangsta

    Sundown Audio SD-2 8" Prototypes

    So there designed for sealed, but will they still hold there own in a ported application?
  7. fearlessgangsta

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    Sorry about the loss Steve. On the other hand I like that tuck you got going on with all that equipment. Oh and those first place(S) look really good I might need to borrow 1 Also props on the little basshead
  8. fearlessgangsta

    Audio technix deadener.....

    That's the scary part. made by sundown? Is that the new relationship? Don't think so. AT bought a company called Atmos Audio. They were a small subwoofer manufacturer that had a section over at CSCO. I am certain the owner of AT has no sub woofer engineering or acoustic background to design a sub woofer. Getting to be to many cookie cutter start up companies lately. I talked to one of the guys who ran 1 of the EXO's which will be the top level sub rated at 2000 watts. And he said the suspension is really loose on those subs as in you can bottom it out with your hand loose. Also he said it would get stinky real quick.
  9. You need a way to moniter voltage. My 2k didn't like above 15v at all and would go into protect after about 20-45secs after starting the car with nothing connected except power and ground, but if I let the car warm up it was fine because my voltage goes down to 14v. Then I could play the amp all day. I contacted Nendo about the problem with the amp and told Navid what my voltage was and he knew right away what the problem was. Also those newer dodge vehicles do have voltage spikes when you get on them. My dad has a newer Ram and when he stomps it the radar detector goes crazy from the voltage jumping up, it is nice when charging a phone though
  10. fearlessgangsta


    Website looks great. Btw. Typo on 5500 page it says "16.8v capable on BC2000".
  11. fearlessgangsta

    little help (pick a deck)

    I have messed around with the pioneers and I really like the features in terms or layout and processing options.
  12. fearlessgangsta

    Fi N3 PRICES!!!!!???????

    I saw the price and was like this must be in Yen or something. Then saw the dollar sign. I think it's a great buy. Should do 180's out the box.
  13. fearlessgangsta

    bc2k question

    here you go sir
  14. fearlessgangsta

    Bc2k problems

    One day good sir one day. I want to get me a alt and get my electrical right before I add more power, but that 3500 is tempting.
  15. fearlessgangsta

    Bc2k problems

    Got the amp back from Nendo. It's doing workkkkkk. Thanks Navid