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  1. lightingman117

    Incriminator I 10" is awesome

    Im working on a build for my sister and have been doing some research in enclosure design for the I10. Codester, I was wondering if you still have the specs for the custom enclosure you designed and would be willing to give them out. It if anyone else has some suggestions.
  2. lightingman117

    Help us win a Red Scarlet!!!

    Vote for us!!! https://review.wizehive.com/voting/view/mogamegavideo/0/1699949/0 Help us win a red scarlet! Were in 4th place!
  3. lightingman117

    * Ask Don of SDS *

    Got another question for you. What do you suggest for bumper/trunk rattle? Expanding foam? I know it requires movement between components. To stop the rattle you must isolate one or the other or make it more ridged. I know my bumper is rattling a little bit but thats not the big noise producer. The larger of the two is the trunk, I can't find any movement other than between the lid and body. Maybe on the Cavaliers the stop light bar moves against the trunk lid not sure. Any ideas? I can get pics if you need them. Thanks so much! -Nathan
  4. Finally a car that has music inside. Did I mention how loud it is? No? Well I can't take too much before my head hurts. I'll grab a DB meter and see if I can max it!

    1. ssh


      db meter from radioshack? :P jk, i think.

    2. lightingman117


      Nah, my church has some decently nice ones. I'll borrow one of them. My poor Droid has no idea what to do though ;)

    3. ssh


      sweet, make a video ;)

  5. lightingman117

    My 1996 Cavy build

    Hey lookie, it's an spl version of my car Looks great! Can't wait for numbers. And more pics
  6. lightingman117

    Chevy Cavalier 04 Audio System Build Log

    Got a decent amount done this weekend. I'm happy with the progress. I got it playing too. Set some gains using the 'scope. Figured out how to use fiberglass. Lots of fun. Amp rack test fitting. Ended up cannibalizing a piano hinge off of an alarm box. Where the center console will be going with the eq, and control switches. Wires for the H/U ran the front output to the rears so I can fade between the RCA (rear out) and front (speaker out) for rear/front fill balance. The power comes from 12g wire ran from the mains power. Everything has a common ground. So far not too much of any hiss/alternator whine or anything of that nature. H/U goes up to 35, 32 is a pure sine wave out the RCA's while 29 has no hiss/fuzz in the output. Finished midbass speaker baffle. Gosh so much better with CNC'd rings instead of my crappy jigsaw skills. I need to do some more wood working. Used foil/duct tape to cover all the holes front and back. Fiberglass to seal the larger holes. Hopefully the midbass will love the enclosure I give em. Used some butyl rope to seal the midbass rain covers against the door and screwed em in. Subs in trunk. Super happy about that. Man, "Fortune", Introduction by Carl Orff sounds so good in my car. I can't wait to get the mains done!
  7. lightingman117

    sefugi schools grasshoper

  8. lightingman117

    Chevy Cavalier 04 Audio System Build Log

    I don't quite remember, somewhere in the 180 ft^2 range. Definitely! When I first turned my car on I was like: "is it even on?" It's so nice. I can't wait to get the rear seats in because that'll block the noise that comes from the undeadened trunk.
  9. lightingman117

    Chevy Cavalier 04 Audio System Build Log

    Sorry for such a slow response, Church duties, School, rain, and cold kept me from doing everything but my car. But thankfully me and my dad got to plug away a little the last few weeks. This weekend should be a very large step in the right direction. I got the sound deadener in and on/in the car. Don was very helpful as always. Will recommend him from now till the day I die. I also plan on finishing the doors this weekend and the rest of the deadening. This isn't all the pictures I got either, I'll get the rest up when I find the other camera I used. I also took before and after roof deadening videos (Though I warn you, as it got dark my mind went away... ). Hopefully I'll find the time to get them up this weekend. Lot of tests though so it might be a little while. 2-16-11 2-16-11 2-16-11 2-16-11 2-16-11 2-16-11 2-16-11 2-16-11 2-16-11 2-16-11 2-16-11 2-16-11 2-16-11 2-16-11
  10. lightingman117

    * Ask Don of SDS *

    Hey Don, First, thanks for the great product got it all in my car already can tell a world of difference even without anything but my seat in (large build ). Secondly, I was wondering how exactly I should seal off my door for the midbass? I've heard of using sheet metal/aluminum, silicone and metal screws or fiberglass for the large holes. But what about all the little ones? I have modeling clay right now but it's winter and just in the sun I can see it start to get soft. Once it's in the Florida sun I know the inside of the car will be 140+ easily while the sheet metal will be 160-180+ easily. How did you do the Denim's Mazda's doors? I tried a link you posted somewhere about deadening doors but it doesn't work/can't find it. Thank you for saving my life with those magic number fingers you have!! -Nathan
  11. Top right hand corner of screen. You can even hit the spoked cog and that'll be an advanced forums church.
  12. Wanted to thank you for the add, As well as compliment you on your playlist. I really like the music. Thanks for turning me on to something other than mainstream crap. I need a new band beside Daft Punk (not saying they're crap, saying other *cough pop* is crap).

  13. lightingman117

    93 Fleetwood Caddy build.

    My goodness, you are the kind of guy I want building the space shuttle. No missing pieces, everything nice and sturdy. I take that back, you are the kind of guy I want building our everything in this world. Skyscrapers wont fall. Buildings wont collapse. Cars wont explode. Aside from the batteries Anyways, Great build can't wait for more!!
  14. lightingman117

    Please help me !!!

    Every now and then their'll be some HERE Other than there you'll have to do your own research, Craigslist, eBay, SSA classifieds, etc. Basically milk the internet and she'll give you your milk. But you gotta get the bucket and squeeze the utter first (requires effort).
  15. lightingman117

    Chevy Cavalier 04 Audio System Build Log

    That's who I contacted. He sent me a list of everything I'd need. Very helpful, sadly the list added up to $721 after shipping. I asked if I could nix some of the deadening and what it would do to sound quality, so we'll see.