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  1. dbsupra

    Sub Spiders

    40hz is really low for a bandpass. What is the sealed resonance? You'll shred stuff in a hurry if your ported section is tuned too far below the sealed. SSF all the way up makes no sense either. It is a high pass filter that you have cranked up then have to compensate by setting the gain high. I'd start there first. Second stop getting advice from that shop. Last I'd do some testing to find your sealed and ported frequencies. As shizz said you may have some issues there.
  2. dbsupra

    Portwars Box for Powerwheel

    Tuning low and small enclosure doesn't really go together. 7 sqin of port won't get it I believe. I would go for atleast a 4". With an aeroport you can get away with a little less than a slot. I would make the enclosure from .6-.75 with the 4" port. I'm not a master of port wars but usually you want to play 10-15hz below tuning to unload the sub. I'm not sure how the sa8 likes that low, never played that low with it
  3. dbsupra

    Single 15 tuning

    The newer version of torres (the one he is using) is a little closer. Making a sealed enclosure is easy. But honestly the majority of people are terrible at math and would probably be closer to right using a program versus doing it by hand. The tricky part is port displacement and most don't consider end correction. People don't seem to get measuring the port down the middle at all either.
  4. Its a straight port no L. I didn't believe him. I would have thought the length would only extend 3" past the physical port. I have never built this way before and I usually trust what sean says but I wanted to see if he was in left field on this one. I ended up building an L since I'm confident how that works. I do have a DATS and usually test after building. Generally its pretty close to what I calculated. But this making a 10hz difference I went with what I was familiar with. This is going to be a comp box with a tuneable port.
  5. It is physically impossible. Plywood is a laminant. The center ply could have a void the size of a dinner plate and you would never know until you cut it into. This. I bought a sheet that looked great on the outside and knocking across it sounded good. But I made a cut and it looked like someone took buckshot to the side of it.
  6. dbsupra

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Wow a lot going on lately. I've been busy and haven't been on much lately. Sean and I got some wood cut for the new enclosure. Hope to try it out this weekend.
  7. My Lowes sells cabinet grade birch that is void free. I used it on my battery box. They do not sell it in full sheets tho and it is fairly expensive. Aruco ply is another to look into.
  8. This is for a project I'm working on. I've only ever done a slot port once that didn't physically bend but that was on a really small enclosure. This port is physical length of 12.5" and 6" width. Is this acoustic length right? I'm used to a slot port having a second leg and just adding 1/2 of the port width. For this enclosure, if the acoustic length is right on the pic then it will make nearly a 10hz change in tuning. Kind of a big deal. Thanks!
  9. dbsupra

    SLOW build on a 2001 GMC Jimmy

    Boo someone needs more bandwidth
  10. dbsupra

    SLOW build on a 2001 GMC Jimmy

    Wow Big Red. I haven't heard that name in a long time. Back in the early 80's honda had a sport ute 3 wheeler called Big Red. They had a 250 and 350 came out a few years later. I owned both and was a ton of fun when I was a kid. Box is looking great!
  11. dbsupra

    Design Help For Dual Zcons 15's

    90* clamps are awesome and help keep everything square. Also I often overcut overlap pieces by 1/16 or so then use a flush trim bit to make it all flush. Yeah its a little cheesy but works really well. I can't stand when something isn't flush or didn't square properly, even if it is a small amount. I've seriously recut pieces because of this. Doing the overcut makes everything super clean and often easier to get great results with seams.
  12. dbsupra

    T/S for Fi Q with heat ring option

    This. Sometimes people don't realize that. I understand what you want to do but I'd like to see a pic of your other setup anyway. Just want to see what you have going on.
  13. dbsupra

    Fi SSD or Fi Q @ 1200w

    Huh? The SSD is nearly $100 cheaper than the Q. I don't understand what you are saying.
  14. dbsupra

    T/S for Fi Q with heat ring option

    I assume going for the higher qts you are using these sealed?
  15. I ran a sundown 1200 and ppi 100x4 on a diehard plat 34 only. Stock 90a alternator and big 3 and voltage stayed in the high 12 range most of the time. At full tilt it would drop to mid 12 on some songs that dropped really low. If you buy from sears, you can look online and see when their friends and family day is to save some money. They have one a month along with coupon codes in the summer months. Helps save a decent amoint of money.