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  1. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    Four 8s, two 10s, or one 15" subwoofer?

    a pair of sundown sa10's or ssa dcon 10's
  2. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    Need A new amp?

    Well then you know what these amps can do and what there capable of so in all reality I really think you should give it a try and lemme finally experience the moment of owning a sundown amp finally haha its hooked upto a mayhem now and damn that shit really gets louder then I'd ever imagine it would!! Let's get Er done brotha hah can text photos on demand via cell and take a. Video!!
  3. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    Need A new amp?

    I have a Us Amps md2d rated at 1500 @ 1 ohm and would have no problem doing .5 ohm daily cuz i have a daul. 7 and wired to. 35 bangin a full day on a 70a alt and barely got warm!
  4. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    I need a new box!

    Damn!! I am never going to get this thing going... imma just trade mdizzle for his 2 skars and an amazing enclosure he just built for them that he needs to post some picks of because its one of the most amazing well built boxes iv ever seen!!
  5. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    I need a new box!

    Pm pics and specs please, how far we talking? I just wanna actually hear this damn thing before i sell it lol
  6. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    DIY Enclosures?

    Omg you actually took up this idea!! Probably the best move anyone has ever went forward with!! This is going to do extremely well man
  7. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    Which Fi driver to choose....

    doesnt matter what voltag it is as long as the volts on the amp match the headunits voltage.
  8. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    Which Fi driver to choose....

    I say if the btl fits in your budget go for it, i have a 12 mayhem on 1200 and the damn thing surprises the shit out of me everyday, i couldnt imagine doubling the power to its rated wattage! If your interest iv got it for sale in the FS section, the AA mayhems are pretty identical to the btl because they are built in the same facility by the same people lemme know what you decide, either way you cant go wrong with either subs that have been listed here
  9. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    I need a new box!

    wow i cant believe nobody has a 12" ported box laying around that they wanna get rid of for a decent price?? My mayhem is starving for juice!!
  10. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    Which Fi driver to choose....

    i 2nd the bl. had 1 12 that just got nasty low and took dome abuse
  11. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    Which Fi driver to choose....

    nah man pick whichever sub will fit your budget and your goals most. There is no such thing as underpowering a subwoofer. you can get a btl and feed it 1000 watts and be just fine. then when you get hungry you can upgrade amps and really make that sub shine. just depends on if your more into sq or spl. you like to get stupid loud or do you like it to sound amazing while still getting decently loud? its all in the budget and preference
  12. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    I need ideas on a new box to get louder

    hey if you wanna sell that 12" box lemme knwo
  13. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    New Video 2011 Team SSAudio Mustang! 1080p!

    God every zcon video i just get more and more jealous and more and more hungry for the SSA bug!!! Fuuddggeee i want one of these damn subs!! Please someone trade theirs to me for my AA Mayhem!! haha nothing against my mayhem i love it to death but.... i want a damn ZCON plain and simple ahahaha....SSA FTW!!
  14. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    Pricing structure

    Wondering if you happen to have a 12" enclosure for sale about 2-2.5cuft no longer then 30inches and no deeper then 18in, its going in a 05 civic 4dr
  15. bakedboy08@yahoo.com

    My Camry's slow build begins...

    So when are you gettin another zcon and selling that box to me haha, id love to get a demo one of these daysf since were pretty close