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  1. audio-neon

    1965 Buick Wildcat

    Car left on a trailer today, couldn't be happier that it went to a home that wants to drive her, and fix her and has the means to do it. Cash in pocket feels good, but I miss her already.
  2. audio-neon

    1965 Buick Wildcat

    I hear that, it is killing me that because my situation has changed that I haven't been able to work on her. Actually looking for a second job now to be able to afford both of my girlfriends.
  3. audio-neon

    1965 Buick Wildcat

    401 Cubic inch big block, automatic, bench seat car. 2 door, hard top. Restorable condition, needs minor mechanical work to be drivable. Brake system needs to be repaired (comes with a full set of cnc bent stainless steel brake lines) and a new fuel tank or repair of the original tank. Price 2500$ (negotiable) Location: Colonie NY Pictures are hosted: http://s537.photobucket.com/user/Uthadanin/library/
  4. audio-neon

    DSS Proto Comparison Photos

    The last one is a tc sounds style basket... I don't know the exact model. Also see what appears to be a jl audio w7.
  5. audio-neon

    has anyone used APDTY for parts?

    rockauto is your friend. I use it for everything, fast shipping and amazing prices. Based out of NY.
  6. audio-neon

    Happy Birthday Audio-neon

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. And I'm not worried about modifying the door panels, just no need to do it for the cheap co-axials that came out of my neon. I'll worry about the door panels when I get around to actually putting a front sound stage in there.
  7. audio-neon

    Happy Birthday Audio-neon

    Thank you guys. My birthday was a lot of fun. Too bad my local brick and mortar shop closed their mobile audio division, and my hertz co-axials don't fit in the element. But stuff happens, I will figure it all out eventually.
  8. audio-neon

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Time to go to work, I have Christmas shopping to do tonight. All of it. Lmao
  9. audio-neon

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Lucky bastard
  10. audio-neon

    Truck system recommendations pls

    My recommendation comes from the fact I have more knowledge of the ssa product line than Fi. Either would be a great choice. I can not speak for dc as I have no experience with them or their product to date
  11. audio-neon

    Truck system recommendations pls

    If it were me given your space, I would look for a good 12" sub ported, With ~1500 watts rms from that amp, I would personally run an Icon from SSA. You could run a 15" sub, but you would be building a smaller ported enclosure, and as sq is obviously a concern to you, I would think that my recommendation should play right into that. Is your current box ported?
  12. audio-neon

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    So the nys title bureau finally got back to us. My girlfriend had changed her address with the state (paid the fee and filled out the forms for a new i.d. with address change.) and apparently that was fine and dandy, but the dmv doesn't talk to the title and registration bureau, so when we applied for a duplicate title nearly 2 months ago, it was mailed to her old address and returned undeliverable. They didn't notify us via email (was done online) and the online tracker just said "processed, you should receive your documents shortly". Why the fuck do I need to call them to find out that they already received the documents back from the usps, and that they feel no need what so ever to actually notify me of that status change. It's not my fault that changing her address officially, means nothing to a state department.
  13. I've never had an issue with champion spark plugs. I've had issues with most others personally
  14. Check the spark plug. It could be cracked internally, go buy some champion spark plugs and gap them properly.
  15. audio-neon

    Crazy music streaming issue

    Try another aux cable, or plug in your head phones and see if the issue persists