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  1. KyleBrown

    B2 tahoe

    Definitely tuned in.
  2. KyleBrown

    2012 focus with some bump

    Nice work so far.
  3. KyleBrown

    E46 BMW Build. (POS)

    Thank you sir.
  4. KyleBrown

    Kicker FTW!!! lol

    Dude in the video is definitely an idiot.
  5. Probably the best idea. I've used deadener too.
  6. KyleBrown

    E46 BMW Build. (POS)

    I have mixed feelings about them. But I'm really growing to love them. I'm really hoping I'll be able to afford an M6 soon.
  7. KyleBrown

    E46 BMW Build. (POS)

    Broken speedo cable? Also not a bad lookin car. Some elbow grease and new parts and she sould be great. J Most of the issues have been addressed.
  8. KyleBrown

    E46 BMW Build. (POS)

    Hopefully that doesn't happen.
  9. KyleBrown

    E46 BMW Build. (POS)

    Video of the 8s in action.
  10. KyleBrown

    E46 BMW Build. (POS)

    The more work I do on the car, the more I far in love with it. Everything is coming together and I'm very happy so far. This was on the way to the SEC championship game. I had to snap a pic of this sexy bitch. I have undergone another project. The car wasn't reaching full operating temperature so I knew it needed a t-stat. Well, on automatic cars, you have to take out the clutch fan and shroud. So I decided it was good time to do a water pump and why not do an electric fan conversion? I also found that the radiator was not mounted properly, so I addressed that as well. Don't mind the cheap head lights. They're getting some attention soon. Pulled the front bumper off the help set the radiator and remove the old pusher fan. As you can see, the clearance isn't quite there. I also installed an aluminum W/P pulley, the plastic pos had a chip in it. Pusher fan tossed aside.
  11. KyleBrown

    E46 BMW Build. (POS)

    Just some mechanical updates. I was getting an annoying clunk in the rear dude some failed bushings on differential. So I have to drop the exhaust, the diff, the drive shaft and a few other things. I'm also replacing a few other parts while I'm in there. Dropping the exhaust. Got the diff out. Worst part was unbolting the axles. Needs new u-Joints too. Long ass exhaust. Yea, I would say it was a bit wore out. The main culprit for the clunk. The whole diff could move almost a 1/2" I'm replacing it with a poly bushing.
  12. KyleBrown

    E46 BMW Build. (POS)

    Upgraded the RTAB to some poly bushings. Huge improvement but I need an alignment again. The front bumped needed some adjusting since the previous owner bottomed it out a few times. Before After I know it's not huge, but it's a big difference too me.
  13. KyleBrown

    E46 BMW Build. (POS)

    All cleaned up. The stock wire inside the car. Stock and upgraded. These are all crimped with my 16ton crimpers. Hows looks under hood. Mocking up the rear deck. The other side. Using some PL 3x that I had laying around. I will also screw them to the rear deck. Some of the sheet metal I cut out. Stupid oversized wire. From the back. You won't see the ugly unless you crouch down. Lots of clean up to do.
  14. KyleBrown

    E46 BMW Build. (POS)

    Making a mess. Got the three way **** going. I'm only using the the front channels on the 200.4 for now. I need to figure out what do with the fog lights. They don't match now. I'll clean the wires up when I figure out what I'm doing for subs.
  15. KyleBrown

    E46 BMW Build. (POS)

    It has been a while since I updated this. Lets see about progress. Fixed rear bumper cover. New brakes all four corners. New rack from rack doctor. (A1 cardone blew at 50 miles) New P/S pump. New front control arms. New front sway bar links. New center support bearing. New OFH gasket. New valve cover gasket. New outer tie rod ends. New struts and strut mounts. New shocks and shock mounts. Currently replacing the CCV system, intake mani gaskets and the intake elbows. New grille Lawn mower has a cup holder, why not the vacuum? Getting started on the second rack... Did the brakes at the same time. A1 cardone vs Rack doctor. Initial build quality is much better. Balls deep in this ccv crap. One of the bigger issues I found in the ccv system. New part installed on intake. Once I get this done, all I should need is a proper alignment. Then it's on to making the audio right.