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  1. TRP

    zcon reconing

    You said it was reconed after purchased new? Was it changed to a different size? I was thinking that if it was changed in size, then maybe the screws were lock threaded in place from initial building and were a beast to remove, so they ended up stripping them and then using them again.
  2. TRP

    Spread Awareness for Men

    I gave you a 5 rating also!! Make sure to shave tomorrow though!! I am going to "The Art of Shaving" and getting a free shave!!
  3. TRP

    Spread Awareness for Men

    Hey guys i am participating in something called Movember this year, if you dont know what it is please go to my site http://mobro.co/BallaD It is a great cause and can help alot of people, even if you cant donate, just go to the site and give me a high rating and leave comments. Again my webpage is http://mobro.co/BallaD
  4. TRP

    Everything MUST go!!

    I need to sell everything. Lets get it all sold!! http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/pts/3267930034.html
  5. TRP

    Lots of things for sale

    FB: http://www.facebook.com/JBallard18 Yep, have to close shop.
  6. TRP

    Lots of things for sale

    Nope, all out of carpet, you are local though there are several good carpet suppliers in the area, if you needed some, let me know.
  7. TRP

    Lots of things for sale

    Sounds great Aaron!
  8. So i have alot of things that are going up for sale, i do not have pictures of every single item, but if someone if interested in one thing i can provide pictures. I have everything listed on CL and FB, so i wanted to post it up here also. My shop is closing down and i really would like to clear out some inventory. The links will be provided below for things i have up for sale now. Audio Equipment: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/3157980788.html HID Kits: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ptd/3212294860.html
  9. TRP


    But plastic trophies are what keep the sport alive!
  10. TRP

    One of our client's cars.

    They might not rub sitting still, but i wonder how it does when driving and going over bumps. Truck is nice, not my style, but he is still doing it big to what he wants, and isnt that what matters in the end, he is the one paying the bills.
  11. TRP

    pink bentley :) (bored)

    Yea i would rock it all day everyday also!!
  12. TRP

    my 2 10" xcons vs 1 jl w7

    They dont have all the time in the world to have calls always coming in, they would not have time to make sure orders are being processed. It makes it easier on them to do email CS.
  13. TRP

    pink bentley :) (bored)

    Way to cause drama!!