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  1. baglan2014

    Psi reconed sa 15 150$ shipped Obo

    RMS Rating? interested.
  2. baglan2014

    Ampere Audio AA-15 D4 (Brand New)

    Is this comparable to an icon? looking for something a little different.
  3. baglan2014

    (SOLD)(2) SSA Xcon 10's Dual 1 ohm

    Damn would i love to have one.
  4. baglan2014

    Amp for $250 WTB

    I Love my Bk. 1300.1 pushes my icon perfectly.
  5. baglan2014

    Team SSA MB W140

    I remember that monster of an amp! i remember when alton showed it to me at work!
  6. baglan2014

    Fi Q issue

    My Icon happens to do this same very thing at low frequencies.
  7. BIG Shoutout to Alton!!!! He's been such an amazing help and i wouldnt know what to do if i didnt have his insight to my use! Also Threw me some PG 6.5" and hopefully start putting this slow project into full production soon!

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    2. stevemead08


      Alton is sometimes an overlooked asset. He doesn't have extravagant build logs or brag about his abilities. But he is one very very knowledgeable man. He has help me out many times. Great man!

    3. EPerez


      You can't say enough about him! Absolutely great guy. He taught me a lot.

    4. baglan2014


      He is a tremendous help, i wouldnt be here without him, i'd be stuck without him!

  8. baglan2014

    Incriminator Leathal Injection 15's $165 shipped

    How much for 1?
  9. baglan2014

    15" SSA ICON D2

    .* haha damn iPhones, the question mark made me sound like a smartass.
  10. baglan2014

    15" SSA ICON D2

    Sorry just got time to check the forum? I'll pm you
  11. baglan2014

    15" SSA ICON D2

  12. baglan2014

    FS - Sundown Audio SAE-1200D and FI SSD 18

    Really sorry i didnt see you posted back, but i wouldnt mind coming and looking at it tomorrow possibly, i live in the dubois county area.
  13. baglan2014

    FS - Sundown Audio SAE-1200D and FI SSD 18

    Sub Sold yet? 4ohm capable?