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  1. Jakethesnake

    Street Havoc Car Show @ San Antonio

    Im wondering like Edward....Why (Oscar r) did you post up a different trophy from a different event, in a different town, on a whole different date?? People wanted to see more pics of this event. Stoops me, and the score does too. How many people were in your Modified 1800+ class, a total of two? 2-3400 watt amps=6800 watts. Jimmy in his blazer hits 154 with 5,000 watts. Sounds like your problem isn't ohm load. And that trophy is nice, why arn't you in the pic with it? Can you hold up that big trophy lol Even BigJon is in his "New score" pics, props btw BigJon.
  2. Jakethesnake

    new scores!!!

    Hey not bad BigJon, you gained alot since last meet. What have you tried different this time? face you box up?
  3. Jakethesnake

    another centex meet???

    BigJon-yea your right, but it could be a last resort if I can get them to allow it. Try your guy in the boonies, sounds awesome. We need something like Thunderhill Raceway, once again no shade...but big open parking lots with nothing around them sound like the best. What about C-FAN on 35? we need some acerage and property here lol.
  4. Jakethesnake

    another centex meet???

    Haha thats funny. Im trying to see if this paintball place I play at will let us use there parking lot. Its in San Marcos and there is nothing around but cows, grass, and rocks. Oh yeah I don't think people will get mad at the pb place either because they jam out there anyways.
  5. Jakethesnake

    another centex meet???

    I'll attend. October the 2nd is a good date. Sounds good BigJon. I got 3 other guys that never came but have custom audio...DD's, and some AA subs 12-15's and 18s. They will most likely come for it. Make it legit and people will arrive.
  6. Jakethesnake

    144.8 db-------on music

    Well now with a few hints and some testing, Ive peaked out at 146.9. BigJon I would like to get your 15s. How much would you like for them? Whats my next step guys? I was thinking the big 3 or some sound deadner on my roof where my subs fire. Which one?
  7. Jakethesnake

    Street Havoc Car Show @ San Antonio

    Food up there tasted different, I think the oxygen level in the air was thiner up there lol nah. But it was fun besides the heat, had some good cars, and met a new girly while in San Antonio. Finally got my first trophy, Texas Heatwave chewed me up and spat me up in 4th place.....1.1 db away from 3rd place which was a 6' trophy Effin loser with 3 15's. Any ways, my second event and got 2nd hauuh. Thank God for the buda-ful day, and for women!
  8. Jakethesnake

    144.8 db-------on music

    Hah..the 4% tint is difficult at night. And since the back windows already at factory 20% stained glass, its actually lower than 4% I only have dynamat on my rear trunk cargo door. Subs firing up. With windows up, driver window cracked 4-5". I was just curious if I was doing my job haha. I wish I had btl's. I wanna know if BTL 12" will make me see 148-150
  9. Jakethesnake

    144.8 db-------on music

    Working with: 2-12" Fi-BL's Fully Loaded Duall Shwans 1-3k Saz-Sundown 2001-Steve's exacto model 144.8 db's on Young Jeezy aka the snowman b!tch lol
  10. Jakethesnake

    texas flood 6 9 2010

    I tubbed down it two weeks after it happened. Campers were fliped over and stuff was everywhere just like the pics. TONS of debris in the water still. Like swimming in a pit of trash.....oh wait a sec, sounds like our Gulf of MEXICO!!
  11. Jakethesnake

    2010 SSA Texas GTG

    BigJon...I will help promote up here. I know of a few other bassheads that had there stuff come in to late. Lets already start another meet time and date and effin shoot for it. I know we can have a lot better turn out than what we did. This place looks good too. Oh lets do it
  12. Jakethesnake


    .......ah don't make all the lil pervs and virgins get excited now.
  13. working on Texas meet Take 3

  14. working on Texas meet Take 3

  15. working on Texas meet Take 3