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  1. thats where im at for now, will be done in 2 days, probably post the finished pics then.
  2. my wife lmfao heres what i use to achieve da wet wets
  3. thank you guys! just waiting on subs at this point, customer is busy as am i.. will update when they come in.
  4. something like 22 net, was like 3.5 per driver iirc cant remember, 17" of port per cube, tuned to 35. cause i felt like it lol. thanks sir. thiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssss. thanks man. thanks Mr. CLinton! thanks Kyle(;
  5. [URL=http://s112.photobucket.com/user/lownlouddd1/media/BC512EA3-3137-4B20-9C7A-746C9FD78DD5_zps6mu8d01r.jpg.html][/URL] **** 1" round over Halo gun brace!?!? sure...
  6. just waiting on subs and amp at this point.